Getting Paid for Every Single Invoice You Send is Possible

Getting Paid for Every Single Invoice You Send is Possible

If you’re running a legal practice, managing your cash flow effectively is a necessity for survival and growth.  One of the more frustrating aspects of cash flow is dealing with late invoices. For law firms, managing partners, and firm administrators, chasing down clients to pay late invoices can be all too familiar. It’s time-consuming and diverts your attention from billable … Read More

Right-Sizing Your Firm’s Need for CRM Software

Right-Sizing Your Firm's Need for CRM Software

Legal CRM (client relationship management) software is a valuable tool for growing your practice. Law firms of all sizes—especially small and medium-sized firms—can use these tools to move clients through the intake process more quickly, improve client communication (and, by extension, client satisfaction), and better invest their marketing spend.   But there are an abundance of CRM options, with an almost … Read More

How Easy Is It for Clients to Pay You? Simplifying Law Firm Billing Processes

How Easy Is It for Clients to Pay You Simplifying Law Firm Billing Processes

Running a law firm is a complex undertaking that requires a lot more than filing briefs or showing up in court.  From managing cases to meeting with clients and keeping up with all your firm’s administrative processes, tasks and processes can slip through the cracks.  While it may not seem like the most pressing thing on your plate, don’t underestimate … Read More

Streamlining Legal Practice: The Power of Simplifying Workflows in 2024

Streamlining Legal Practice The Power of Simplifying Workflows in 2024

In general, simplicity is an underappreciated virtue. But think about it: the simpler your system, the fewer ways it can go wrong, either because of technical glitches or human error.   In addition, when things do go wrong, the source of the problem is easier to locate when your systems are optimally streamlined.   These procedural truths apply to your law firm’s … Read More

Revisiting Trust Accounting Basics: Mitigating 5 Risks Impacting Your Law Firm’s Bottom Line

Revisiting Trust Accounting Basics Mitigating 5 Risks Impacting Your Law Firm’s Bottom Line

In the complex world of legal practices, trust accounting is a critical component of the financial success of a law firm. It’s also frequently misunderstood.   More than just another mundane aspect of bookkeeping, trust accounting creates the foundation for financial stability and compliance.    On the other side of the coin, neglecting trust accounting processes can lead to severe consequences. These … Read More

Your Firm Website as Part of Your Practice Management System

Your Firm Website as Part of Your Practice Management System

In today’s tech era, your law firm’s website is more than just a digital billboard for your practice—it’s your very identity online. In fact, you could say you ARE your website.  So why settle for a mere online presence when your website can be a powerhouse tool that seamlessly melds with every aspect of your practice?   From lead generation to … Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Handling Client Funds

Back to Basics The Do’s and Don’ts of Handling Client Funds

Handling client funds demands a great deal of responsibility and attention to detail. To adequately manage client funds, you need a comprehensive understanding of legal accounting.  It comes as no surprise that this involves a lot of factors. Sometimes, it helps to have a refresher.   To help legal professionals successfully manage client funds and stay compliant with trust accounting, we’re … Read More

Is Surcharging Right For Your Law Firm?

Is Surcharging Right For Your Law Firm

Should your law firm pass the baton of credit card processing fees to your clients, or bear the burden itself?   This question gets at the heart of surcharging decisions faced by law firms that are considering whether to offer digital payments. While allowing clients to pay by credit card can help improve payment rates, the accompanying service charges can take … Read More

Top 10 Compliance Challenges For Law Firms

Back to Basics Confronting Critical Compliance Challenges for Law Firms

When it comes to trust accounting, maintaining compliance with your state’s requirements is of the utmost importance. And yes, you probably already knew you have to remain compliant, but as any practicing attorney can attest, maintaining trust accounting compliance can be complex.   From meticulous recordkeeping (print and digital) to distinguishing between earned and unearned income and avoiding commingling, trust accounting … Read More

Back to Basics: Mastering Trust Accounting for Lawyers

The Basics of Trust Accounting for Lawyers

Nearly every lawyer will be responsible for holding onto client funds at some point in their careers, so it’s important to stay current on how to do it right.   The No. 1 thing to remember? When an attorney is holding the money in a trust account, that money doesn’t belong to the attorney (or their law firm). Instead, the attorney … Read More