How can I close my retainer cases faster?

Misbah Jalal Siddiqui

How can I close my retainer cases faster?

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Close Retainer Cases

While it’s easy to think that closing retainer cases faster will result in earning more, ask yourself what the next step is—bringing in new cases, right?

But you don’t need to hustle current cases to a close to bring in new clients. So instead of focusing your energy on wrapping things up as quickly as possible, work to build a consistent volume of leads instead. This gives you the opportunity to devote as much time as needed to effectively resolve your cases, while maintaining consistent cash flow.

Remote lead generation

Leads can be prospective clients, but they can also be people who find the content you put out there helpful enough to give you their contact information—thereby allowing you to continue to develop a potential relationship.

Thanks to the pandemic, people spent a lot of time at home and more time than ever on the internet. Which makes it a great place to focus on lead generation.


So, how do you connect with people stuck at home? A strong website is a good place to start. Use content creation—such as blogs or articles about a specific, relevant topic—or paid advertisements to draw potential clients to your website.

Once there, you’ll want to offer relevant and helpful information to create interest. Your goal should be for the client to give you contact information or reach out with questions.


Marketing emails are another strong approach to generating leads. Email topics will vary according to practice areas, but they can have overlap with the content creation from your website.

Tips for clients, awards, a high profile case, or an explanation of a legal process in your practice area are all good ways to draw a client’s attention.

Traditional lead building

Traditionally, word-of-mouth has been a very effective way to build leads. During the pandemic, there’s been less opportunity for people to interact socially—and thus less opportunity for a casual mention or ask about legal services—but hearing a law firm recommended by a friend carries a lot of weight.

To determine if your current clients are likely to recommend your services, it helps to do a very brief client satisfaction survey when you wrap up a case.[1]

Likewise, take advantage of your practice management system’s capacities for gathering data—so that you can analyze that data and determine which lead generation strategies are yielding returns.[2]


1. Client Satisfaction Surveys: Five Quick Questions to Ask
2. What is a KPI in Marketing?

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