What options do lawyers have aside from in-person consultations?

Misbah Jalal Siddiqui

What options do lawyers have aside from in-person consultations?

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Remote Consultation

When an in-person consultation or meeting isn’t an option, lawyers have other ways to connect.

For new clients in particular, building a relationship is important. A phone call doesn’t always create a connection as being able to see someone’s face and look at them. For that reason, lawyers can turn to virtual consultations as an option.

Video conferencing

Today, technology makes it easy for lawyers to be able to quickly set up video conferencing, letting them see their clients and build trust.


It doesn’t require a significant cost investment to set up video conferencing. While you want to make sure your setup is secure, you can easily use low-cost software and your cell phone (as long as you have one with a clear camera) or a webcam.

The one choice you’ll need to make is what software[1] to use to facilitate your video calls.


One of the most popular tools, Zoom can be one of the easiest ways to set up a virtual consult since many people already have it installed. It’s important to note that Zoom has had some security concerns, where those not invited to the video conference can join. Security updates have been promised by Zoom to fix this issue1.

Google Hangouts

If you’re already using Gmail, Hangouts can be a seamless integration. You can easily add video conferencing to any calendar, which makes scheduling meetings easier than ever.


Most Windows systems come with Skype already installed. Known for its ability to call people, Skype also provides video services. If you want quality video though, be prepared to use the paid service.

Best practices

Be sure to still maintain client confidentiality. A virtual meeting means you don’t need to be in your office, but you still need to be aware of who could overhear your conversation. Ethical requirements for client confidentiality means you’re bound to keep what they’re saying private. If you happen to be in a house with other people, a workaround could be using headphones.

Lawyers should also look for services that are encrypted end-to-end. For some services, like Skype, this needs to be initiated at the start of every video.


1. 6 Popular Video Conferencing Tools Compared

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