How can I export data from my online accounting program?

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How can I export data from my online accounting program?

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Export Data

Most online accounting programs, with the exception of Quickbooks, allow users to export their data into MS Excel or CSV format. [1][3] You can export data directly from your generated reports or from the actual screen where you enter the data.

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You can export all Quickbooks transactions into specialized files such as .tlg or .iif, .qba, or .qbo that can only be opened in another Quickbooks program.[5][6] If you want to export Quickbooks data into CSV or MS Excel format, you can only do that for data that appears in a generated report.[6][7][8]

Exporting this information can vary according to the tool you are using. If you’re unsure on how to do so, talk to your software provider for instructions.


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