Outsourcing for Lawyers: Ethics and Considerations

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Outsourcing for Lawyers

Let’s face it. The billable hour crunch is real. Most lawyers only get a few hours of billable work each day, and the rest of their time is eaten up with administration, billing, and other tasks. Why? Because running a law office also means you’re managing a small business. Unfortunately, however, billable hours are what keep the lights on. If … Read More

What Makes a Good Lawyer?

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Good Lawyer

What makes a good lawyer? The answer will vary somewhat according to whom you ask, but there are a handful of skills and traits that come up repeatedly. These shared traits speak to the core of what a lawyer does—practice law in service of others—and cultivating them allows a decent lawyer to move beyond simply checking the proverbial box to … Read More

What Are the Three Bank Accounts Every Law Firm Should Have?

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3 Bank Accounts

Lawyers go to law school—and graduate to find themselves running businesses. Yet whether you’re starting a solo practice or growing an existing firm, the same accounting rules apply. Every law firm should have three basic bank accounts: an operating account, a savings account, and a trust or IOLTA account. And despite trust laws varying state-by-state, there are also a few … Read More

How Can You Measure Law Firm Productivity?

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Measuring law firm productivity is the first step in identifying areas for improvement. After all, you can’t address a problem if you don’t know it exists. To measure and improve your law firm’s productivity, you need to start by gathering data and analyzing key metrics.[1] Utilization Utilization rates measure how much of a lawyer’s time working ends up on an … Read More

Can My Law Firm Automate Fee Agreements?

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When it comes to running a law firm, automation can save you valuable time. For instance, document automation allows you to quickly create standardized agreements, including documents like fee agreements. Speed and consistency To harness the time-saving power of automation, start by having your clients fill out client intake forms online. This is typically more convenient for them—and it saves … Read More

Which Processes Should My Law Firm Automate?

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Automation can save time, streamline, and decrease the chance for human error by reducing the number of repetitive tasks you need to do as part of running your law firm.[1] Understanding these goals can help your firm determine which processes you should automate. Save time Make a list of the processes at your law firm that are repetitive or fairly … Read More