Email Management

Why Worry About Your Emails?Legal Email Management System

Emails contain a wealth of matter-related information, but they are often scattered in various email accounts used by current (and former) law firm staff. Unorganized office and client related emails results into both security and compliance challenges.

Matter-Based Email ManagementMatter-level Emails

CosmoLex ties up loose ends by ensuring that each email (and attachment) is filed within the appropriate client matter folder. The system is so smart that it will alert you if it could not find a match or if it found more than one match. This feature alone will save you countless hours organizing all your emails. And you can rest assured that you will have a complete “paper trail” for every email associated with any matter if disputes or compliance questions arise.

Universal EmailP61

Using Gmail? Using Outlook? Whatever you’re using, simply add a setting to your preferred email tool to automatically forward incoming/outgoing emails to your firm’s CosmoLex mailbox and see CosmoLex magic in action. Or, you can forward individual emails to your firm’s CosmoLex mailbox. This unique, matter-centric approach allows CosmoLex to do a better job at managing your practice than anything you’ve ever seen — take a look.

Categorize Your CommunicationsCustom Email Labels

Group individual emails under categories such as ‘Client Discussion’ or ‘Discovery’. Or create your own unique list of categories. You can even apply multiple categories to a single email for cross-referencing. As emails are categorized, they are automatically removed from the Inbox to make it easier to manage new incoming emails and keep your Inbox uncluttered. You can even use global exclusion rules to filter out email addresses which you simply want to ignore.

Billing for Email CorrespondenceP63

Lawyers read and act on emails all the time — from multiple devices. Until CosmoLex, time tracking for email was difficult, if not impossible. Retrofit billing from memory does not produce sound records. With CosmoLex, you simply mark your email as “billable” and record the time spent along with any details. Nothing falls through the cracks and billing leakage is reduced.

Permissions & Privileges

User-based Email Permissions
Just because all of your CosmoLex users can forward their incoming/outgoing emails to your CosmoLex account does not mean everyone should be able to view each others’ emails. CosmoLex gives you complete control.

  • Prevent a user from seeing ANY emails
  • Limit a user to seeing only their emails
  • Specify select users to see other users emails

Emails contain sensitive data. It is critical that email data is kept with rest of the matter records, and CosmoLex makes it convenient. But that does not mean you need to compromise security or the level of access you provide CosmoLex users. Your email management provided by CosmoLex is protected with the same bank grade security features used throughout your CosmoLex account.

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