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Document Assembly

Document Assembly 1

CosmoLex Custom Documents

Create documents for the way YOU practice law. CosmoLex gives you the power to create and store unlimited custom document templates — making it easy to support any type of law that you may specialize in. When used with your personalized CosmoLex Custom Fields Database, you’ll produce any document you need in seconds.

Easy Document Assembly

Creating original document templates is an easy process. Simply design your required document once in Microsoft Word, download your database of merge fields (including your custom fields) from CosmoLex, and utilize the basic Microsoft Word “mail merge” function to assemble professional documents.

Document Assembly - Word
Legal Document Management - Document Template

Store Your Document Templates Securely

With CosmoLex Custom Documents, you’ll maintain a high standard of comprehensive documentation across all of your client matters. With all of your document templates stored centrally in CosmoLex, anyone in your firm can instantly bring any document up-to-date with the most accurate information. And like everything in CosmoLex, your document template library is stored securely in the cloud — automatically backed-up, with access and permission rights defined for each member of your firm.