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No Need for QuickBooksTM – or Any Other Accounting Software

Practice Management + Legal Billing + Legal Accounting = Something Beautiful

Single Point Data Entry

No more duplicate data entry or problematic import/exports of your financial data.

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Rebecca Wright

“I LOVE COSMOLEX! I chose CosmoLex because of its price, features, and ease of access.”

Rebecca Wright / Wright Law, LLC / Wyoming / February 2017


“Easy decision. I think it is the only product out there that combines accounting, storage tasks, email etc. all into one.”

Elyse Johnson / EBJ Law / North Carolina / January 2017

Tiffany Carnes

“Compared to its competitors, the support is very detailed and thorough.”

Dan Austin / Brotman Law / Pennsylvania / March 2017

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All The Tools You Need In One Login

Small law firms often cite “accounting” as their biggest frustration. And the reason is because generic programs like QuickBooksTM were never meant to handle legal accounting — it’s using the wrong tool for an important job. CosmoLex comes ready out-of-the-box to handle all your accounting, including back office bookkeeping and IOLTA trust accounting. With CosmoLex, there is no need to use QuickBooks — or any other accounting software.

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A True Accounting Solution for the Legal Profession

Take a look at these Advanced Accounting features. All built-in to CosmoLex, but not found in generic business accounting software like QuickBooksTM.

  Setup & Use

  • Out-of-the box ready for law firm accounting. Includes legal-specific chart of accounts.
  • Easy, single-point data entry. Data gets entered only once. No imports/exports.
  • All records set-up as matter-based for easy tracking & accurate accounting.

  Matter-Based Cost Accounting

  • All matter expenses captured for billing by contemporaneous posting.
  • Automatic general ledger selection for matter cost transactions as bank or credit card payments are entered.
  • Accurate tracking of indirect costs that are passed-through (or billed) to matters.
  • Accurate and Automatic postings for non-billable or no-charge expense cards.

  Income Booking

  • Accurately tracks Correct Revenue – Automatic separation of earned fees from cost recovery & other liabilities/incomes.
  • Automatic segregation of cost recovery income between direct and indirect costs.
  • Automatic income separation by practice area at matter setup.

  IOLTA Trust Accounting

  • Assured IOLTA Compliance is built-in.
  • Automatic safeguards for common errors: Overdrafts, Co-Mingling, Individual ledger tracking.
  • Reports IOLTA balances on invoices and draws against IOLTA funds to pay invoices.

  Financial Reports

  • Monitor the financial health of your entire practice with performance data, financial and management reports, all in one place.

  Credit Card Payments

  • End-to-end solution from card charging through to daily bookkeeping
    (available with LawPay credit card processing only).

  Fee Distribution Reports

  • One-click reports of collection distribution to timekeepers, originating attorney, responsible attorney, working attorney, etc, based on specified allocation percentage.

  Lower Cost & Higher Availability

  • Lower cost due to eliminating the need for additional accounting software
  • Streamlines work with your accountant (who can log in to CosmoLex to access all your financial data)
  • Anytime / Anywhere access for you, your bookkeepers, and accountants.


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