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Data Mining

Law firms accumulate massive amounts of information by way of documents, billing, accounting activities, and more.

A busy law firm encompasses a wide range of activities: thousands of billing entries, invoices, payments, documents, events, tasks, and more. It’s important to be able to cut through that massive amount of data to focus on the specific information you need, and the quicker you can do so the better. CosmoLex gives you deep data mining tools that allow you to search using multiple parameters to locate your records.

For example, you might search for “all matters of Lawyer X, opened last year where the receivable is over $2,000.” A simple search like this will produce a list with all of the information you need.

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Trust Accounts Per Matter

Diversify Your Trust Accounts

Many firms have multiple trust bank accounts and may split a single matter’s funds among a few different accounts. CosmoLex does this easily. This advanced capability is very handy when you move a trust account from one bank to another.

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