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Law Office Practice

Management Software

CosmoLex puts individual legal matters at the heart of your law practice management. That means every email, task, event, document, billable item, and transaction–every record–is tagged to its proper client matter at all times.



Calendar & Task Management

Matter-centric organization

Automatically connect every entry to the appropriate client matter, so your paper trail is solid and able to demonstrate compliance or settle a client dispute.

Billing for Tasks & Meetings

Our Money Finder feature catches any unassigned meeting or task so you can review it as a possible billable item. Enter timecards and attach them to a task or event to mitigate potential client disputes.

Custom Workflows

Create task workflows and load them into new or existing matters. Custom workflows allow you to control whats gets done by whom and when for excellent deliverability.

Calendar & Task Management

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Reasons Law Firms Choose CosmoLex

Built-in Legal Accounting

Legal time and billing and law practice management applications, plus fully compliant law office accounting. That's what makes CosmoLex a true solution for your law firm.

Credit Card Processing Included,
No Fixed Monthly Fees

Credit card challenges are a thing of the past. Get the security and convenience of online invoicing and retainer payments at a simple, low cost.

Customer Support is Always Free

All support, training, and onboarding are provided by our local in-house team. There's never an extra charge and we’re always here to help.

Top Reasons Why You Can Trust CosmoLex

No Long-term Contracts

Change happens, we get it. And that’s why we don’t lock you into a long-term contract, so you can cancel at any time, for any reason, hassle-free.

Simple, All-inclusive Pricing

Every client gets all of our state-of-the-art features. As new features are added, you automatically get access to them.

Used By Thousands Of Firms

CosmoLex solves the practice management needs of law firms of all sizes and practice areas.

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