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Automated Legal Billing Software

CosmoLex captures all time and every expense in the moment – nothing slips through the cracks. Your bills go out on time with a single click, and you reap the rewards of better cash flow – higher profits. We even include a no-monthly fee LawPay account (we’ll cover the $20 LawPay monthly fee forever!)[1]Click here to see how CosmoLex makes billing & payment faster and easier than you’ve ever imagined.

Extensive Practice Management Tools

CosmoLex covers all bases, including Document ManagementEmail Management, Calendar & Tasks, Contact Management, Case Workflow, and Matter-Centric records. Streamline and secure all of your client communications by using CosmoLex’s built-in Secure Client Portal. Stay focused on the top “revenue producing” activities by using the multi-level dashboard to spot priorities for your firm & for individuals. Practice Management has many components to it — but that does not mean you need to use multiple software systems which only lead to scattered records, compliance problems, and needless client disputes.

Legal Billing & Timekeeping - Custom Invoices
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Law Office Accounting

CosmoLex has built-in accounting — right alongside practice management and billing where it belongs. You can handle all of your business accountingand trust (IOLTA) accounting within CosmoLex, eliminating any need for third-party accounting software (such as QuickBooksTM). Built-in accounting with automatic bank data feed not only saves time; it eliminates the common sources of error that come with keeping your books on a separate system. Try CosmoLex today and see how it meets the specific concerns of law firms in ways that no general accounting program can match.

Legal Accounting & Practice Management

The unique needs of law firm accounting require constant interaction between your billing and accounting areas. Case costs, retainers, invoice payments, etc. affect both billing and accounting balances. When you use separate systems for practice management and accounting, you invariably end up with multiple challenges. A single, integrated practice management and accounting system improves profitability, strengthens compliance, and gives you peace of mind.

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Legal Billing & Timekeeping - CosmoPay

Built-In LawPay with No Monthly Fee

(We’ll cover the $20 LawPay monthly fee forever!) [1]

Credit card payments are a win-win for your law practice. You want faster payments and your clients appreciate the convenience of paying legal fees by credit card. CosmoLex makes it easy for you to start accepting credit card payments. For new LawPay accounts opened from within your CosmoLex application, CosmoLex will cover the standard LawPay $20 monthly fee for active LawPay users. Already have a LawPay account? No problem! Simply specify that within CosmoLex and you are all set. With CosmoLex’s end-to-end credit card processing solution, CosmoPay, trust retainer payments, online invoice payments, and daily reconciliations of received funds become a breeze.