The BYOD Movement & Your Law Firm

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In the past, lawyers have often been recognized as a profession that lags behind when it comes to technology. More recently this seems to be changing. The legal industry has started to take advantage of the many advancements in technology available to them.

One theme that many law firms, especially smaller firms looking to grow quickly, can take advantage of is the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device movement.

What Is BYOD?

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is a growing technology trend that has employees of businesses utilizing their own devices to perform work tasks. Some law firms are now looking to take advantage of the trend. For many small law firms this can be a great opportunity to cut costs while increasing the productivity of the attorneys who work for the firm.

Legal Practice Management & BYOD

For law firms looking to implement a BYOD program at their firm, they often run into a few challenges. The software law firms choose to manage the different areas of their business can have a major impact on whether or not they can succeed.

First, it is imperative that the firm utilizes legal software solutions that can be accessed in the cloud and accessible from a number of different platforms. Of course, you could depend on IT resources to install on-prem software across all of your attorneys’ and employees’ devices, but compatibility and security would both become an issue.

Another thing to take into consideration is the number legal software solutions your firm is using to manage the business. If your firm is using a number of different solutions across billing, accounting, calendaring, and document management- you could be asking members of your firm to install or access a number of different solutions on their device. How many applications do members of your firm have room for on their personal devices?

Finally, security is always a concern. Your firm is dealing with sensitive information pertaining to not only just your firm but also your clients. In a BYOD environment, it’s likely that members of your firm are accessing your legal systems through the internet. It is extremely important that your legal practice management solutions have the appropriate levels of security in place.

CosmoLex Is The Ideal Practice Management System For BYOD Firms

For firms looking for a practice management system that can be easily and efficiently implemented in a BYOD environment, CosmoLex is the ideal solution. Not only is CosmoLex a web-based practice management, billing, and accounting system, it is also compatible with all platforms. This means whether you are using a Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, or Windows phone or tablet you can access the practice management system.

The other thing that makes CosmoLex the ideal practice management solution for BYOD firms is the fact that it consolidates all the tools you need to manage your firm into one system. This means that members of your firm only need an internet connection on their device to access all of your firm’s data and systems.

While CosmoLex is available in the cloud and across any device, it is still extremely secure. Because the practice management system is hosted on CosmoLex’s servers, it offers bank-grade levels of security. So no matter where your employees are or what devices they are using, your firm’s and your clients’ data will remain secure.
If your firm is looking for a practice management system that is perfect for a BYOD environment, I encourage you to try CosmoLex, free of charge.


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