Tech Tip #6 – How to Maintain Evergreen Retainers

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Having on hand retainers makes billing much easier. No waiting on payment, or chasing overdue invoices. However, what happens when your retainers are depleted, but your work is not yet done? That is why Evergreen Retainers are so important. Evergreen is the practice of staying on top of your retainers and seeking replenishment before the balance zeros out. Sound complicated? Not with CosmoLex! With our built-in Low Retainer Reminder Tool you can set minimum retainer thresholds per matter, and once they reach that amount, they are added to your reminder list! It’s just that easy.

To learn how to set up minimum requirements and see who requires replenishment in CosmoLex, watch this video:

How to Maintain Evergreen Retainers


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