Tech Tip #21 – How Can You Become Aware Of Everything That Goes On In Your CosmoLex Program?

Trust Accounting

Recent Activities… is your best friend. Located under the Dashboard tab, this is the central hub for reporting all that takes place within your CosmoLex program. This is helpful for a few reasons

  1. If you have several users within the program, you can trace back to who may have done what at any particular time. added, edited or even deleted something, you will know. This is most helpful when a client, or even an auditor question something regarding their case, you have a 100% truthful record/audit trail
  2. Increased accountability. You better believe if your team knows their every move is recorded, they will be more careful with their entries! So be sure to let them know 🙂
  3. Retracing your steps – Say you deleted something by accident, and you’re not sure what. Check the latest activity. This will help you to make up for that mistake.

So be sure to use Recent Activities to your advantage. It is an accurate, non-editable log meant to keep you informed and your records in check!


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