Who Owns The Documents You Manage With CosmoLex?

Trust Accounting

Now that CosmoLex has added cloud-based document management, you may be asking yourself what that means in terms of document ownership. If you save a document through our legal office management software, does that give us the right to access it or keep it if you leave? Absolutely not.

We Don’t Have Your Stuff

Contrary to what you might think, CosmoLex does not offer document storage services. We offer only document management. We integrate with third-part document sharing services such as Dropbox. They store your documents; we just tell you where they are. You can add, view, edit, add and delete documents through CosmoLex but the files are not stored on our servers. We don’t make any kind of claim of ownership to your information.

Protecting Documents From Ex-Employees

One advantage of this setup as opposed to using the document sharing services directly has to do with controlling access. When you use the service directly, everyone has to either have individual accounts or everyone shares one account. Both of these arrangements are problematic when an employee leaves the firm. You need to get all the documents back as well as blocking the employee from future access.

When you use CosmoLex law practice management software to organize your documents you control access through CosmoLex, not through the sharing service. You don’t have to distribute your file sharing password to employees and that means they can only get to documents through CosmoLex. When an employee leaves, you disable that person’s CosmoLex account and that blocks access to the documents. You automatically retain ownership of all files.

What Happens If You Leave CosmoLex?

What happens to your documents if — and we can’t imagine this would ever happen — you decide to cancel your CosmoLex subscription? Nothing happens to them. Your documents are still stored on the file sharing service that you have an account with. You can access those documents directly through the service, or through some other legal software that includes integration with that service. Your subscription status with us has no effect on your subscription status with the file sharing service, and we have no access to your files even if we wanted them. We don’t hold your files hostage.

CosmoLex’s document management system was designed to be easy to use, centralized and secure. We want to help you satisfy your obligation to protect confidential information. Please contact us if you need answers about our law office software’s document management or any other feature.


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