Introducing CosmoLex Websites for Law Firms

Introducing CosmoLex Websites for Law Firms

Building a website can be a demanding project. It requires tech skills, graphic design insight, copywriting know-how, and, of course, time.  

For large law firms, these projects can be difficult to take on, yet still manageable. For small law firms and solo firms, though, the time, money, and resources required to get a great website can seem like a non-starter. And without an attractive, user-friendly website, it can be a challenge to bring in the right clients and grow your practice. 

It can feel like a double edge sword. But small and solo law firms aren’t without options. 

CosmoLex is excited to announce a new feature within its comprehensive practice management software: professionally designed, ready-to-use websites for law firms. This expanded functionality gives solo practices and small law firms the ability to add a beautiful and professional website to their current account at a fraction of the cost of a traditional new website build.  

Best of all, it integrates seamlessly with CosmoLex’s tools and features, so users can get the most out of their software at all levels.  

What is CosmoLex Websites? 

CosmoLex’s goal has always been to help small firms better run their practices by offering convenient tools for all aspects of running a law firm. But law firms don’t just need flexible practice management software or legal-specific trust accounting solutions.  

They also need resources to help them connect with clients and grow their practices, and one of the most important things for law firms in 2023 is a user-friendly website.  

With CosmoLex Websites, law firms get a polished, professional website without the large expense of working with a local marketing agency. What’s more, CosmoLex Websites eliminates the stress and work of managing a website because our team of website professionals is there to handle the back-end demands of your website—both now and in the future.  

What is included with CosmoLex Websites? 

CosmoLex Websites are created with the needs of small and solo law firms in mind.  

For example, our website with SEO plan includes: 

  • 10 initial pages with starter content  
  • Mobile optimization  
  • Click-to-call and email  
  • One web form 
  • Up to 3 stock photos  

A website with SEO can be ready for initial review within three weeks. We recognize the importance of input from clients. That’s why we provide a round of revisions for your site prior to launch and quarterly updates.  

Search engine optimization 

As part of the marketing side of things, you can also enjoy the benefits of built-in search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Without SEO, you could have the best website in the field, but it won’t reach potential clients.  

CosmoLex Websites come with SEO benefits like:  

  • Keyword tracking 
  • Optimized headers and meta descriptions  
  • Optimized loading speeds 
  • Access to high-quality legal content 

Security and compliance 

We also recognize that security and compliance are vital for law firm websites. CosmoLex websites always include SSL security, firewalls, and more. Users can also expect SOC 2-compliant hosting and accessibility practices to be included with every web design. 

What are the benefits of integrating your website with your practice management software?  

CosmoLex users already know the benefit of keeping every aspect of legal practice management in one place. It only makes sense that your website should be included in that. When you combine your website with the standard software, you stand to gain many benefits, from a fast and professional design to convenient integrations with client portals.  

The following are some important advantages: 

New professional-looking and mobile-friendly website designs 

Your website is often your first chance to make a good impression on a prospective client. If you take a DIY approach to your site, prospects may view your law firm as unprofessional.  

When you upgrade to a CosmoLex website, you can change that narrative. The trained designers can give you a beautiful and functional website that sets your firm apart. They also ensure that the website is mobile-friendly so that you don’t miss out on a potential client using their tablet or smartphone.  

Tools to convert prospects to clients 

When you choose a CosmoLex website, you aren’t just getting a standard web page. These designs are thoughtfully curated with your law firm and its ideal clients in mind. The web designers know how to create web pages that convert a new website visitor into a client—and a steady source of income.  

Integrations with marketing add-ons help to move prospects through your sales pipeline faster than ever before. Not only can they read real online reviews, but they can also get a quote on demand. From there, the practice management software integration can help seal the deal. 

Seamless integration with CosmoLex client portals 

If you’re already enjoying the benefits of CosmoLex, you can fully integrate them with your website. You’ll be able to accept client payments directly through your new website, and your clients can access their portal with ease. These integrations will help you stay on top of client communications, billing, and payments with ease.  

Quick designs and easy maintenance  

One of the slowest parts of the web design process is the consultation phase. It can take weeks or months to fully explain your law firm’s needs to a website designer without previous experience serving clients in the legal field.  

CosmoLex users can save an average of ten months in the web design process. Their team of professional designers is equipped with knowledge of the legal industry, and they take care of the entire design from start to launch.  

See how you can upgrade your CosmoLex subscription with a new and improved website 

Your website is an essential touchpoint for your clients. It’s often how they get their first impression of your firm, and they’ll ideally visit it many times. But you don’t have to invest hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars to get a website that helps your law firm stand out from your competitors.  

If you’re ready to take your firm to the next level with a top-tier website, contact CosmoLex to get started. And if you don’t already have a CosmoLex account, schedule a demo or request a trial to see what CosmoLex can do for your firm.

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