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Good effective communication is key to running any successful business. Technology has made it easier for businesses all around the world and across many different industries to easily communicate with clients and customer bases. As a result of this no matter what industry you are involved in, clients expect communication to be easy. That means they want to easily communicate with whatever service provider they are working with.

One would think that digital communication would be a godsend to any industry, but in the legal world, it does present some challenges. That’s not to say that law firms can’t use technology to their advantage when communicating with their clients. They just need to take to appropriate steps to do it effectively and securely.

A major step law firms can take in improving client communication is to implement a client portal. Here are some of the ways implementing a client portal can help improve communication with your firm’s clients.

Benefits of Implementing a Legal Client Portal

  1. Controlled Client Access- Firms can create user accounts for clients that will grant them access to invoices, events, tasks, and documents. Your firm can decide which of these items your clients need or should be able to access and set permissions accordingly.
  2. Easy Access To Invoices- You may love practicing law, but one of your favorite parts is probably getting paid. By giving clients easier access to your invoices it will help your firm get paid in a more timely fashion. CosmoLex offers an integration with LawPay that allows your firm to view and print your invoices both online and offline.
  3. Organized Communication- Clients and lawyers are able to message each other inside of a client portal. Not only does this ensure that all of your communications are secure it also organizes all of your messages by the matter they are associated with.

Communicating with traditional digital formats like email is convenient, but if your firm is serious about security and efficiency it’s time to move all of your client communication into a client portal.

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