Implement A Practice Management System But Don’t Ignore Other Legal Technologies

Trust Accounting

At CosmoLex we provide a fully integrated practice management system. You can start a free trial of CosmoLex today and manage calendaring, business accounting, legal time and billing, trust accounting, and documents all in a single system with a single login.

With such a robust offering you would think we may tell you, you could ignore all of the other legal technologies out there once you sign up with CosmoLex, but we really don’t think you should! There are a number of phenomenal legal technologies available. Some you may already be using and others you may want to use in the future.

We know and understand the other technologies available to law firms, and at CosmoLex we think it is a far better idea to help you get the most out of these technologies rather than try to move your firm away from using them.  Just in the last few months we have taken serious steps towards increasing our capabilities to integrate and support other popular technologies used in the legal industry.

Taking Advantage of Other Legal Technology

LawPay Integration

Up until September of this year credit card processing for law firms has been somewhat of a pain point. But in September we integrated with LawPay. Before this integration law firms had difficulty accepting payments based on the use of one system for billing and another for accounting. By bringing two great legal technologies together, law firms are now able to accept credit cards and online payments for:

  • Trust Retainers
  • Advance Fee Payments
  • Ongoing Invoice Payments

Easily Import Bank & Credit Statements

Even more recently CosmoLex has given its users the ability to import credit and bank statements. In situations where customers are already using a program like QuickBooks, they can continue to do so, but by importing their statements into CosmoLex, errors created by manual data input are eliminated while the monthly reconciliation process is automated.

Casemaker Integration

Every attorney knows the importance of legal research. Unfortunately sometimes they underestimate the importance of accurately tracking the time they spend researching different matters. CosmoLex has introduced exclusive integration with Casemaker, the leader in legal research. This integration allows attorneys to easily and accurately keep time spent while researching different matters for clients. Time spent on research in Casemaker’s libraries can now be posted to specific matters for future billing without leaving Casemaker. Likewise, CosmoLex users can now perform legal research all within CosmoLex.

Taking advantage of this new integration ensures that your firm will be able to bill clients appropriately.

The CosmoLex Technology Partner Integration Platform

Through the use of OAuth protocols, CosmoLex has created a legal technology ecosystem that will allow other legal technology providers to integrate with the leading cloud-based law practice management solution. While we have already begun to integrate with some of the most popular legal technologies, we are always aggressively targeting other legal technology partner to best serve our clients.


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