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Lynda Weeden

Three software packages for billing, client accounting, and back-end was TOO MUCH! With CosmoLex everything was in one place. I didn’t have to generate bills in one package, enter them in another for tracking income, and then pay them in two places as well. It is also great to be able to write a cost check in a case and have the expense “attached” to the client’s accounting file/bill in a seamless matter with just an additional click or two. We were promised an easy migration with all the support we needed, and that is what the team at Cosmolex delivered!

Our accountant was also able to access the system for his end of the year work and add all of his journal entires and such and close out the books quickly and easily. The ability for us to generate P&L reports and other important accounting documents literally on demand is also pretty awesome.

But the best part about Cosmolex, by far, is their incredible support team. They have never been stumped, and I’ve done my best to do just that! Every time I have a question, I get a prompt and complete answer, generally by phone, from one of their support staff who know me and my firm on a first-name basis. I don’t think I could be nearly as effective in a dual-role position without this software!

CosmoLex Admin