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Tech Tip #275: Three Ingredients for Law Firm Growth

Being a successful lawyer isn’t just about winning cases. Today’s modern lawyer must focus on business development and digital outreach to build a sustainable law firm. Here are three areas of focus that firms can capitalize on to promote law firm growth:

The first area should you focus on is rainmaking. There are many routes you can take, but you should focus on what you’re most comfortable with. Getting your name out there could include tactics such as blogging, networking, and public speaking. It also includes the basics of being a giver first before asking, making sure you differentiate yourself and keeping your current clients happy. Just remember, it takes consistency and commitment.

The second area of focus should be social media engagement. Figure out where your ideal clients spend time and go there! Then when you’re there, focus on amplifying your voice and branding by sharing relevant articles, participating in conversations and and being consistent with your posting!  

The third area of focus includes managing your online reputation. In today’s digital world, potential clients will conduct online research about you and your firm, so you need to make sure that your digital presence tells the story you want. A good first step would be to do a search about yourself on Google and also set up Google Alerts to monitor what content is floating out there. 

At the end of the day, business development should be a core function for every lawyer. 


CosmoLex Team

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