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Tech Tip #274: Optimize Time and Billing Practices to Grow Your Firm

One of the five pillars of running a successful law firm includes having a strong foundation for time tracking and billing practices. Optimizing your time tracking and billing leads to three benefits:

  • Compliance: Keeping accurate real-time balances at the matter level allows firms to catch inaccuracies and issues earlier on. 
  • Happier clients: Easy-to-understand and accurate billing practices make it easier for your clients to pay and keep them on good terms. And in case of a billing dispute, you’ll have the accurate data to pull.
  • Staying solvent: Prevent “leakage” or lost funds that are never recognized because meetings, tasks, and events were never properly billed for.

To create a strong foundation for your legal time and billing practices develop a regular schedule and utilize technology as much as possible:

  • Streamline and automate your billing and collections workflows as much as possible.  
  • Set up automatic reminders to go out to clients for past-due invoices 
  • Send batch invoices with the click of a button 
  • Enter your billable work in real-time by leveraging cloud-based apps

Overall, the goal is to reduce the time spent on manually handling time tracking and billing tasks so that you have more time spent on lawyering!  

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CosmoLex Team

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