Tech Tip #254: Types of Data Backups Your Law Firm Should Have


Law firms should ensure they have recent and complete backups of all of their data. Firms utilizing cloud-based systems like CosmoLex can count on regular data backups to be completed. Even in the event of ransomware, firms can still restore their data and be up and running with minimal downtime. Off-site backups are especially important, because backups kept your in … Read More

Tech Tip #253: Always Print Backups of Trust Accounting Reports

Always Print Backups of Trust Accounting Reports

Part of maintaining trust accounting in accordance with Bar Association rules and regulations is running regular reports to ensure client ledger accuracy and proper bookkeeping. To avoid any compliance violations and resulting sanctions, be sure to print out copies of these reports. This way even if a file is accidentally deleted or corrupted you’ll still have access to the records. … Read More

Tech Tip #252: Improve Your Practice Management By Centralizing Systems


Practice management covers all the back-office functions of a firm, including timekeeping, document management and billing. Using different systems for these, even if they integrate, can cause lots of inefficiencies within a firm. Duplicate efforts, inaccurate records and input errors can all be avoided by using one system to handle all of these features. Learn more about how to improve … Read More

Tech Tip #251: Re-invest in Your Practice With Digital Marketing


To grow your law firm, reinvest in your practice by using the power of digital marketing to bring in leads and get more clients. Look to spend between 5-10% of your revenue on marketing and consider focusing on digital marketing, which works for you around the clock. Learn more about how to grow your practice this year with our webinar … Read More

Tech Tip #249: Your Needs Determine Your Legal Time and Billing Software


Choosing the right legal time and billing software is critical to getting paid for the hours you’ve worked. If you choose the wrong program, you may find yourself getting frustrated and failing to use it. To get the software that’s best for your firm think of what features you’d like to see, such as time tracking, expense tracking, payment processing, … Read More

Tech Tip #248: Missed Deadlines Can Kill a Client Relationship


Don’t let missed deadlines ruin your case or client relationship. Use a unified calendar system and integrated event and task tracking for each matter to assure you never miss important items. To make sure items get completed, consider using a team calendar for firm-wide important items like filing deadlines. Mobile tools can also be extremely helpful in making sure you … Read More

Tech Tip #247: Don’t Get Caught Without a Billing Audit Trail


For busy practices with multiple matters and billing logs being entered on a regular basis, it can be very easy to forget the original source of billing. If you can’t substantiate the billing entry, then you are at a disadvantage when it comes to a fee dispute. The best way to qualify a billing entry is to use a system … Read More

Tech Tip #246: Reduce Data Entry to Save Time and Prevent Errors


Using separate systems for billing and accounting means you need to enter information twice, creating room for human error. You’ll be wasting valuable time not only on double data entry, but also on making sure the books are accurate and correcting any mistakes. This time-consuming process can be resolved by using a legal-specific program that includes both accounting and billing. … Read More

Tech Tip #245: Avoid Client Fee Disputes with Timely, Descriptive Billing


If you want to avoid client disputes altogether and be prepared to address them should they happen, record and show all charges on invoices, including any fees you have waived so they have a full picture of what’s being included. Make these readable, accurate and descriptive to give clients a clear idea of the bill items and avoid vague references. … Read More

Tech Tip #244: Don’t Let Communication Breakdowns Stand in the Way of Getting Paid


It’s absolutely critical to your firm’s financial health that invoices get paid. To avoid payment issues, stay in constant communication with your clients. This includes setting expectations, keeping clients in the loop (consider a client portal to maintain regular contact) and creating a clear contact person for the case. Organize all communication by matter to keep track of every piece … Read More