5 Essential Marketing Tips for Solo Lawyers

5 Essential Marketing Tips for Solo Lawyers

Making time for marketing amidst running your law firm might not seem like a top priority—but it can be one of the most critical things you can do if you want to distinguish your solo practice from larger competitors.  To grow, it’s essential to understand how to tap into your firm’s strengths and existing resources. You can get a great … Read More

Start 2023 Strong With These Legal Marketing Tactics

Start 2023 Strong With These Legal Marketing Tactics

Want to see your law firm gain and retain more clients in 2023? Get ahead of the game by preparing a strong legal marketing strategy now. Review your marketing plan, goals, and tools to start the year on the right foot.   Evaluate your existing marketing plan  Before you can determine where your firm is heading tomorrow, you have to know … Read More

Tech Tip #276: Ethical Considerations For Outsourcing Legal Work


Outsourcing can be a useful way to scale your firm’s business, especially since reports show that lawyers spend up to six hours a day doing non-billable work. It’s common to outsource work such as court coverage, brief writing, marketing, bookkeeping and more. Just make sure you take into account the ethical considerations surrounding outsourcing. Whoever you decide to work with … Read More

Tech Tip #275: Three Ingredients for Law Firm Growth


Being a successful lawyer isn’t just about winning cases. Today’s modern lawyer must focus on business development and digital outreach to build a sustainable law firm. Here are three areas of focus that firms can capitalize on to promote law firm growth: The first area should you focus on is rainmaking. There are many routes you can take, but you … Read More

Tech Tip #274: Optimize Time and Billing Practices to Grow Your Firm


One of the five pillars of running a successful law firm includes having a strong foundation for time tracking and billing practices. Optimizing your time tracking and billing leads to three benefits: Compliance: Keeping accurate real-time balances at the matter level allows firms to catch inaccuracies and issues earlier on.  Happier clients: Easy-to-understand and accurate billing practices make it easier … Read More

Tech Tip #272: 5 Ways to Support Healthy Cash Flow and Profits at Your Firm


When you think of law firm billing workflows, you think of daily time and expense tracking entries, account reviews, generating invoices, sending out invoices, recording payments and sending out collections reminders. There are a lot of little steps that go into billing, but if you follow these 5 tips, you’ll be able to support a healthy cash flow and profits … Read More

Tech Tip #269: Regularly Review Your Profit & Loss Statement


Knowing your firm’s revenue doesn’t actually determine how well your firm is doing. You need to look at your profit and loss statement (P&L statement), which takes into account both your revenue and expenses. Regularly checking your firm’s profit and loss statement will allow you to be more proactive with reducing expenses and increasing revenue-generators. Below are a few action-oriented … Read More