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As a solo attorney or a member of a small firm, you don’t have the luxury of an army of paralegals and assistants to keep on top of all your administrative chores. What you really need is legal billing and practice management software that gets the whole job done with minimal effort on your part. Our legal billing software for small firms and solo attorneys is used by hundreds of small law offices like yours. As a cutting-edge, web-based application, we’ve made sure that you can log into CosmoLex and do everything you need – from timekeeping to bookkeeping — all organized intuitively in a user interface that thinks like a lawyer. You can even secure and streamline all of your client communications by using CosmoLex legal billing software’s built-in Secure Client Portal.

Legal Billing Software Made Simple for Small Firms & Solo Attorneys

Our legal billing software for small firms and solo attorneys was built-from-the-ground-up with the sole purpose of helping solo attorneys and small law firms run an efficient, compliant practice. Our record structure is organized around the legal matter – which is how lawyers work. The calendar & task system makes tracking and billing hours easy – which, again, is how lawyers think — and get paid! And the built-in, comprehensive law firm accounting software is geared towards specific legal requirements – like compliant trust accounts and client funds management – one more area that lawyers must deal with continuously. All in all, CosmoLex is like a trusted assistant who “knows everything about everything”.


Run Your Entire Law Office with CosmoLex

Let’s be blunt. There’s never been a total solution for law practice management. That’s why law firms used to use 3, 4, or 5 programs to run the gamut of law practice management. And with all the importing, exporting, reconciling, and duplicate entries going on, it’s like trying to “herd cats” — a way of working that wastes endless hours and creates far too many errors.

CosmoLex ends the chaos and frustration by putting it all together.

  • Time Keeping
  • Calendaring
  • Task Tracking
  • Email Management
  • Workflow Templates
  • Productivity Dashboard
  • Secure Client Communication
  • IOLTA Trust Accounting
  • Back Office Accounting
  • Automatic Bank Data Feed
  • Conflict Checking
  • Check Printing & Protection
  • Cloud Backups
  • Billing, Retainers, & Collections

You can see that the key to the CosmoLex total solution is to combine comprehensive legal billing and practice management software with a full-service law firm business accounting package that includes attorney trust accounting software. Simple enough. But it’s never been done before as a cloud-based system that any size firm can use! And as you use CosmoLex, you quickly understand that this creates an entirely new way of working – that’s more streamlined and efficient in ways you had never imagined possible.

CosmoLex Put You In Control

Do we have it all figured out? Almost. But your practice is, after all, your practice – not quite like anyone else’s. That’s why CosmoLex gives you the freedom to customize just about everything – to fit the particular needs of your practice perfectly. From what you see on your Dashboard, to what clients see on their invoices. Forms can be customized, fields added, formats changed. You’ll get sample workflow templates — that you can change — or build your own from scratch. And when you print checks on CosmoLex legal billing software, they will look like your checks with your branding and your personal messages.

Unlimited Support & Training

At CosmoLex, we don’t aim to be the biggest. Just the best. And that means we give our customers the best support. Always and forever. When you call CosmoLex, you get CosmoLex. Real CosmoLex employees at our offices in New Jersey – not some offshore call center worker reading from a script. We respect the fact that you have put your faith in CosmoLex to run your practice, and we do whatever it takes on our end to keep you fully functional. We know that by taking the time to help each customer, we continually learn new ways to improve CosmoLex for all of our customers.

Continuous Improvement

The world of technology is a fierce one. You are either getting better or becoming obsolete. There is no middle ground.

CosmoLex is always getting better. Our programmers work with a passion for making CosmoLex a little bit better each week. Luckily, as a customer, you never need to worry about these updates – major or minor. That’s the beauty of cloud applications. We do our work in the cloud, you enjoy the results the next time you log in. And we keep everyone up to speed in real-time at our LinkedIn Users Group, where you’ll learn how to use every new feature to your best advantage.

Cost Effective

Yes, CosmoLex is affordable. In fact, CosmoLex is extremely cost effective. You do the math. At only $59/month, CosmoLex can “earn” its fee by saving you just 15 minutes of your time each month. Of course, you’ll measure the time CosmoLex saves you in hours, not minutes. Plus countless headaches that won’t plague you ever again. And need we mention that just one single accounting error – prevented by CosmoLex – could save your practice or your license.

Yes, CosmoLex is affordable. And you can’t afford not to try it!