Enrollment Checklist

  1. Contact us at partners@cosmolex.com or fill out the form on this page to begin your enrollment and discuss what is required of you to complete your certification.
  2. A CosmoLex account will be created for you.
  3. Attend one of our weekly CosmoLex Introduction and Q&A sessions which are held Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30pm ET.
  4. Watch the following videos and webinars to familiarize yourself with CosmoLex.
    1. CosmoLex Overview (9:49)
    2. Top Productivity Challenges For Small Law Firms (32:50)
    3. Managing Your Users & Permissions (5:16)
    4. Billing Basics (11:41)
    5. Managing Trust Accounting in CosmoLex (7:14)
    6. (optional) Law Firm Survival Skills (35:14)
    7. Watch any of our recorded webinars for more information
  5. Practice using CosmoLex as a real user. Visit our support portal or email us at partners@cosmolex.com if you have any questions.
  6. Review and sign our Affiliate Program Agreement. As an affiliate, CosmoLex does revenue share with you for each qualified sale.
    1. You will be granted a permanent account.
    2. Pre-populated data may be added to you demo account upon request.
  7. Complete the CosmoLex Partner Information Form
  8. Post linked information about CosmoLex and your Certified Consultant badge on your website…Let us know if you need CosmoLex content to post.
  9. Upon posting your CosmoLex content and badge on your site, CosmoLex will list you in our Certified Consultant Directory, build your dedicated landing page, and issue your partner link code.
  10. Join our private Channel Partner LinkedIn Group. Here you’ll get all the latest updates on CosmoLex, be able to share our exclusive breaking news with your followers, and network with other Certified CosmoLex Consultants.
  11. Follow CosmoLex on other social media outlets as well. We proudly share content from our partners!

For more information on the CosmoLex Certified Consultant program, call us at (866) 878-6798 or send an email to partners@cosmolex.com.

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