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Legal research is vital to your practice — and your client’s outcomes. Now you can monetize it with the accuracy it deserves.

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Legal Research & Practice Management Combined

While you know how important legal research can be to get the best results for your clients, it’s all common to let the time spent performing research fall into the abyss of “unbilled” time.

Casemaker & CosmoLex have formed an exclusive partnership to make it easy to track all the research you do — and get paid for it. Thanks to a seamless integration of services, you can now perform following cross-functions:

Within Casemaker:

  • Track Legal Research Time
  • Post Billable Time to CosmoLex matters
  • View Important Matter Details

Within CosmoLex:

  • Perform Legal Research

Best of all, everything happens automatically while you concentrate on getting work done. Leverage combined power of Casemaker and CosmoLex today!

Rebecca Wright

“I LOVE COSMOLEX! I chose CosmoLex because of its price, features, and ease of access.”

Rebecca Wright / Wright Law, LLC / Wyoming / February 2017


“Easy decision. I think it is the only product out there that combines accounting, storage tasks, email etc. all into one.”

Elyse Johnson / EBJ Law / North Carolina / January 2017

Kenneth Sternberger

“The practice management features streamline my practice...and allows me to cut down on wasted time.”

Kenneth Sternberg / Law Office of Kenneth S. Sternberg / New York / May 2017

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