Who We Are

William “Bill” C. Mack ( is a solo attorney with more than 35 years of legal and business experience. He offers legal services primarily in business law, residential and commercial real estate transactions, land use planning and bankruptcy.

The Problem

Mack started practicing law in New Jersey in 2006. In 2008, his firm was audited. At that point, he had been doing his record keeping on his own – not using an accounting product tailored to attorney trust accounting. That’s when the auditor told him about the importance of using a targeted product for his record keeping – specifically something that would give him a three-way reconciliation, as required by court rules. She even recommended a couple of products.

The Solution

Easy TimeBill & Trust Accounting was one of the products recommended to Mack, and he immediately purchased it. “I loved how it simplified and clarified all the trust accounting and record-keeping requirements that I hadn’t been keeping up with in the past,” he stated. He says that the product was exactly what he needed at the time and put him on the right path, moving forward. Then, when the founders of Easy TimeBill & Trust Accounting told him about their new endeavor, CosmoLex, he was happy to convert. “The company is fabulous and they really make sure that the customer is taken care of,” said Mack. He knew that he could trust any product coming from that company – and was happy to move to a cloud-based product, giving him greater access to his information when he was out of the office.

While the new product was laid out differently, Mack found that it took little time to get used to the interface and that the learning curve was very short. The user interface was simple and intuitive. And, if he had any questions, he knew he had quality customer support he could call at any time.

The Results

Mack is on a district ethics panel and understands that one of the key areas in which legal practitioners can err and risk discipline is to mishandle someone else’s money, which was entrusted to them. “The Supreme Court rules in New Jersey require a certain level of record keeping with attorney trust accounting. That’s where CosmoLex can be a tremendous help – it makes it quicker and easier to maintain your trust account in accordance with the court rules,” Mack stated.

Overdrawing or borrowing someone else’s money is not allowed and can lead to severe discipline. “With CosmoLex, making this type of mistake is impossible. It gives me peace of mind, knowing that this great and efficient product is working for my firm and keeping my practice squeaky clean.”

Mack is now using the trust accounting and billing functionalities within CosmoLex and is happy he is able to keep these functions together, simplifying the needs of his solo firm.

“They hit the nail on the head with CosmoLex,” concluded Mack.

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