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Mastering The Reconciliation Process With Accounting Software & Bank Data Feeds

When you went to law school, you were probably there because you wanted to practice law. It’s unlikely that at any point while you were sitting in on a lecture, you thought to yourself, “You know what? After I pass the bar, I can’t wait to dig into some legal accounting.”

When it comes to accounting, we live in a real-time world. Tools for lawyers — things like “bank feeds” — are already in place. All you need to do is learn how to use them correctly.

There is hope, though, and that hope is deeply rooted in technology. Law firms are increasingly adopting computerized legal accounting solutions to ensure their firms’ accounting is clean, in order, and above all- compliant with their local jurisdiction’s regulations. Remaining in the stone age of legal accounting or continuing to manage your firm’s different ledgers manually can be extremely costly. Learn how you can modernize your practice and master the bank reconciliation process once and for all by downloading this guide.

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