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Trust Accounting (IOLTA) Resource Center

When it comes to trust accounts, “close enough” is NOT good enough. Trust account mistakes lead to ethics violations and disbarment — and it’s your responsibility as the attorney to make sure this doesn’t occur. Learn more about common trust accounting mistakes and what to look for in trust accounting software to keep your firm compliant.

Articles & Guides

How Law Firms Should Manage Client Retainers
Mastering The Reconciliation Process With Accounting Software & Bank Data Feeds
CFPB – ALTA Real Estate Settlement – Escrow Accounting Compliance
Trust Account Bookkeeping Basics for Law Firms
Trust Fund Accounting Do’s and Don’ts
Why Integrated Trust Accounting Is Essential to Law Firm Billing Software
Why You Should Care About Three-Way Reconciliation Reports

Videos & Webinars

#1 Audit Report: Three-Way Reconciliation (35:05)
The 7 Vital Reports for Trust Accounting (34:56)
Why Trust Accounting is More than JUST Accounting (43:44)
3 Ways Client Retainers are Failing You
7 Reasons to Run a QuickBooks-Free Law Firm (47:46)
Legal Accounting Webinar Series: Trust Accounting (52:54)
Trust Accounting: Stop Putting Your Firm at Risk (43:34)
Handle with Care: Managing Client Trust Accounts (44:44)
Do’s & Don’ts of Handling Client Funds (45:16)