Why Is the Difference between Hard Costs and Soft Costs Important?

CosmoLex Team

Hard Cost vs Soft Cost

In the course of doing legal work for clients, many law firms end up covering hard costs and soft costs for their clients. It’s common to ask for reimbursement of hard costs, but approaches to soft costs differ. Whichever approach your firm chooses must be addressed in the client agreement. To make sure you have every base covered, it’s essential … Read More

What is the difference between a hard cost and a soft cost for a law firm?

CosmoLex Team

A hard cost, also known as a direct cost, is one that is paid directly to a vendor on behalf of a client for services provided in association with a specific client matter. [1] Hard costs typically include court reporter fees, filing fees, mediation fees, hearing transcript fees, etc. Good law firm practice management, through the use of a legal … Read More