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The Best Alternative to Practice Panther®

Practice Panther is a new web-based law practice management application. When it comes to accounting, Practice Panther users normally use a separate business accounting program, such as QuickBooksTM.

CosmoLex is a popular web-based law practice management application that includes accounting (No QuickBooksTM Required).

When you’re ready to consolidate to a fully integrated solution, CosmoLex makes it easy to migrate data from both Practice Panther and your accounting package (e.g. your client/matter information, billing & account balances, and trust account transactions).


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A Clear Choice To Run Your Entire Practice
The Only Total, Web-Based Solution

Trusted by 1,000s of Legal Professionals & Endorsed by Over 20 Bar Associations

Practice Management, Billing & Accounting
No QuickBooksTM Required!

CosmoLex Benefits:

  • 24/7 Anytime/Anywhere/Any Device Mobile Access
  • Freedom from Office Software & Database Management
  • No Contracts. Pay-As-You-Go Service.
  • Free Data Migration Assistance
  • Free Login for External Accountant or Bookkeeper [1]
  • Bank-Grade Security
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Data Storage [2]

Everything You Need to Run Your Practice:

  • Legal Time & Billing
  • Business Accounting
  • IOLTA Trust Accounting
  • Secure Client Portal
  • Email Integration
  • Document Management
  • Calendar & Tasks
  • Office 365 & Gmail Integration
  • Credit Card Payment Processing (w/ LawPayTM)
  • Fee Collection & Compensation Reports
  • E-Billing
  • Bank Statement Imports & Reconciliations
  • Automatic Bank Data Feed [3]

Start Your Free Trial

$49/month Per User

No Contracts. No Obligations.


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[1] For qualifying external accountant/bookkeepers who enroll in the CAP program. [2] 10Mb individual file limit, unlimited total storage [3] One bank account feed is free. Additional bank account feeds provided at a nominal add-on fee.


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