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CosmoLex Real Estate Law Practice Software
Keeps the Focus on Closing

Cloud Productivity | Secure Data Center | Practice Management | Billing & Payments | Law Office Accounting

Real Estate closing paperwork gets more complicated and voluminous every year. But it’s no match for the custom workflows you can create in CosmoLex to keep everything rolling automatically. Plus, CosmoLex’s built-in accounting makes easy work managing escrow funds and taking care of 3rd-party lien claims at settlement. At the end of the day, CosmoLex lawyers find they can handle more closings — with fewer errors — than ever before.

Matter Management

Every entry in CosmoLex gets automatically logged to its case. Nothing gets lost. Retrieval is easy… it’s always in the case file.

Calendar & Documents

Case events & documents are available 24×7. You can even sync with popular apps — like Office 365 & Google Calendar.

Smart Workflows

CosmoLex lets you create custom case-workflows, with tasks & deadlines that will keep your real estate closings on schedule.

Track Cost

Every penny of hard and soft cost. These all get tagged to the case matter, too… making reimbursement at settlement clean & easy.

Trust Accounting

From Check Printing to Error Prevention to Bank Reconciliations – everything you need to maintain escrow & trust accounts is built-in.

Office Accounting

CosmoLex handles every nuance needed to comply with legal-specific accounting regulations. (You won’t need QuickBooksTM anymore!)

Positive Pay

You’ll enjoy the enhanced protection for your escrow disbursements by using CosmoLex’s Positive Pay to validate bank transactions.

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