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CosmoLex Personal Injury Software
Builds a Better Bottom Line

Cloud Productivity | Secure Data Center | Practice Management | Billing & Payments | Law Office Accounting

Running a successful personal injury practice takes a special kind of persistence. You don’t get paid for your time or cost until the case settles. This makes it even more important to bring utmost efficiency, keep operational cost low and track every penny spent. And that’s exactly what you get with CosmoLex Law Practice Management Software.

Matter Management

Every entry in CosmoLex gets automatically logged to its case. Nothing gets lost. Retrieval is easy… it’s always in the case file.

Calendar & Documents

Case events & documents are available 24×7. You can even sync with popular apps — like Office 365 & Google Calendar.

Track Time

Mobile access means you’ll track time on the fly –.before you forget about it & without wasting more time later reconstructing it..

Track Cost

Track every penny of hard and soft cost. These all get tagged to the case matter, too… making reimbursement at settlement clean & easy.

3rd-Party Lien Claims

3rd-party bills, from hospitals, doctors, etc. go straight to the matter, keeping track of your liability for an “always current” case P&L.

Comprehensive Cost Statement

With every cost tracked in real time, generating a comprehensive Cost Statement is always just a click away.

Trust Accounting

From Check Printing to Error Prevention to Bank Reconciliations – everything you need to maintain client ledgers & trust accounts is built-in.

Office Accounting

CosmoLex handles every nuance needed to comply with legal-specific accounting regulations. (You won’t need QuickBooksTM anymore!)

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