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CosmoLex Immigration Law Software
Making A Path to Citizenship

Cloud Productivity | Secure Data Center | Practice Management | Billing & Payments | Law Office Accounting

Immigration Law is hot. Shifting political sands have increased demand manyfold. Where long drawn out cases were once the norm, lawyers now need to move with extreme efficiency to move their cases. With its ability to “automate everything that can be automated” — from workflows to retainer management — CosmoLex gives lawyers the speed they need to bring clients to their new home.

Matter Management

Every entry in CosmoLex gets automatically logged to its case. Nothing gets lost. Retrieval is easy… it’s always in the case file.

Calendar & Documents

Case events & documents are available 24×7. You can even sync with popular apps — like Office 365 & Google Calendar.

Smart Workflows

CosmoLex lets you create custom, case-workflows to drive immigration matters forward as quickly as possible.

Track Costs

Every penny of hard and soft cost. These all get tagged to the case matter, too… making reimbursement at the end clean & easy.

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