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CosmoLex Elder Law Software
Being Organized Never Gets Old

Cloud Productivity | Secure Data Center | Practice Management | Billing & Payments | Law Office Accounting

Situations can quickly change for older clients, but you can always find firm footing in CosmoLex because everything will be automatically filed with the proper matter. Trusts, wills, living wills, disability & malpractice claims….CosmoLex keeps matter records all up-to-date, accurate, and compliant. The secure Client Portal provides a valuable extra layer of protected communication with client — and their families — especially useful when “power of attorney” is involved.

Mobile Matter Management

CosmoLex is always with you — at meetings with clients or their families at home, hospital, or at the courthouse.

Track Time & Cost

In fee-based Elder Law, time is money. As are case costs. Mobile access makes it a snap to record everything on the spot — as it occurs.

Billing & Payments

From one-click billing to credit card processing, efficiency is built-in at every level. Even collections are easy with one-click “overdue invoice” and “low retainer” reminders.

Secure Client Communication

Family secrets stay secret when you keep all client communication — from documents to invoice payments — within the secure CosmoLex Client Portal.

Trust Accounting

Retainers in Elder Law are common, and these require special care to ensure Trust Compliance. From Error Prevention to Bank Reconciliations – everything you need to keep client ledgers & trust accounts is built-in.

Calendar & Documents

Case events (birthdays matter in Elder Law!) & documents are available 24×7. You can even sync with popular apps — like Office 365 & Google Calendar.

Smart Workflows

CosmoLex lets you create custom, case-workflows with task deadlines for lengthy matters, like disability claims.

3rd-Party Lien Claims

Trusts often require that the lawyer track 3rd-party expenses. CosmoLex keeps you current on 3rd-party claims, so disbursements can be made quickly at settlements.

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