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Cynthia Szczepaniak


Cynthia Szczepaniak, owner of TimeResources, has degrees in Legal Assisting, Business Administration, and a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Lourdes University. Ms. Szczepaniak has experience in both solo and large law firm environments. She has worked in the areas of probate, litigation, and insurance defense. When she became responsible for a firm’s legal billing procedures she was introduced to time and billing software. Until recently, law firms were forced to include the use of more than one software program, requiring compromise on all sides. CosmoLex has changed that by combining comprehensive practice management and full-service accounting in one tidy package. Cynthia is a CosmoLex Certified Consultant and provides time and billing assistance to law firms and other professional organizations throughout the Midwest, helping them get paid for their time by utilizing their resources and software.


  • Software Selection
  • Improve Workflow Efficiencies
  • Practice Management Consulting
  • Data Migration
  • Software Training
  • Software Customization/Services