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Solo Attorney Essentials

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Solo Attorney Essentials


Rex C. Anderson

Solo Attorney Essentials

I am an Arizona attorney practicing as a Solo Attorney for the past 10 years of my 25-year career as an attorney. My experience with computers starts with a Math and Computer Science minor to my undergraduate degree and 9 years as a Computer Systems Analyst prior to law school.

I opened my Solo Practice as a completely Virtual Law Office back in 2005 and have been refining and updating the systems and capabilities as new technologies have become available.

Now, my passion is in helping other Solo Attorneys with their Law Office Technology questions and concerns, so they can be more productive, more efficient, and better serve their clients.


  • One-on-one coaching on Law Office Technology for the Solo Attorney
  • Monthly Law Office Update Program focused on one topic each month, with twice-monthly live question-and-answer conference calls with other Solo Attorneys.
  • Technology Audit for the Solo Attorney practice, providing feedback and suggestions on what areas need attention and what areas are current and up-to-date
  • One-on-one Technology Update program for the Solo Attorney to transform an aspect of your practice toward reaching a fine-tuned, bulletproof Virtual Office