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CosmoLex Partner Programs

CosmoLex is more than a tool for small law firms. We’re building an ecosystem of innovation designed to help the entire profession move forward to meet the needs of 21st-century lawyering. And that mission involves partnering with best of the best. We work with four types of partner segments. If you belong to one of these groups and are interested in learning more, let’s talk. To find out more about our partner program, or to become a partner, please call us at 1-866-878-6798 or send an email to partners@cosmolex.com

  • Bar Association Partners
    CosmoLex works with state & regional bar associations to provide customized programs that benefit bar members, as well as the associations themselves.
  • CosmoLex Consultants
    CosmoLex works with all types of legal consultants — accountants, bookkeepers, IT, and legal practice experts — to help attract new legal clients and provide added value services to existing clients.
  • Legal Incubators/Law Schools/Legal Aid Providers/Other Non-Profits
    CosmoLex is proud to work with the legal nonprofit and educational community on programs that leverage technology to bring down the costs of legal services or practice learning.

Bar Association Partners

CosmoLex works with select state and regional bar associations to provide unique new member benefits that help improve engagement. At the same time, we actively support the associations themselves by providing valuable content, support at events, and ancillary revenue opportunities. CosmoLex customized Bar Association partnerships include:

  • Lifetime Member Discounts
  • Royalty Sharing
  • Specialized Training for Staff and Members
  • Conference Exhibits
  • CLE (and non-CLE) Webinars

Click here to view our current Bar Association partners.

CosmoLex Consultants (CAP & CCC)

Small law firms all depend on trusted consultants to provide essential services they can’t do on their own, and CosmoLex offers two strong programs for independent consultants who serve a legal clientele: the CosmoLex Certified Consultant (CCC) program for specialized law practice consultants or IT experts, and the CosmoLex Accounting Partner (CAP) program for accountants and bookkeepers. As a trained and authorized CosmoLex Consultant, law practice consultants, accountants, bookkeepers, IT consultants, and other experts can offer an expanded and enhanced range of added value services. We’ll help you grow your base of legal clients — and make it more profitable — with CosmoLex. CosmoLex Consultants partnerships include:

  • Revenue Sharing Opportunities
  • Free Cosmolex Training in Specialized Add-Value Services
  • Access to Your Clients’ Cosmolex Accounts (No charge to you or the client)
  • Priority Technical Support
  • Listing on Cosmolex Consultants Page
  • Custom Promotional Materials and Content

Click here to view our current list of CosmoLex Consultants.

Legal Incubators/Law Schools/Legal Aid Providers/Other Non-Profits

The entire legal profession is now full on in the midst of a technology revolution. 21st-century lawyers need to be faster and more efficient than ever before. CosmoLex is proud and honored to work with the educational institutions and nonprofits on programs to develop new, innovative approaches to providing legal services that meet the evolving needs of a society that increasingly needs more and more legal services, in shorter timeframes, and at lower costs. A CosmoLex partnership can provide:

  • Free CosmoLex Accounts to Participating Lawyers/Students
  • Free Master Access Accounts for Supervisors/Professors (to monitor individual participants)
  • Free Training for Participants/Supervisors/Professors

Click here to view our current list of nonprofit and educational partners.

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