Marketing Automation 101 for Law Firms

Marketing Automation

More than 25% of firms make the mistake of letting quality clients slip through the cracks every single day. That’s because thousands of firms fail to track leads—potential clients who click on law firm websites, call offices requesting information, or otherwise interact with legal practices online or in person. 

Tracking leads is a critical step for firms to generate new business. If you’re not following up with prospective clients, you’re missing out on reliable revenue. Unfortunately, nurturing leads takes work, and most attorneys put in plenty of hours as it is. But what if you could track and convert more leads into clients without spending extra time—or money—on marketing?  

One option: using legal marketing automation tools to gain new clients and nurture existing client relationships. 

Marketing your law firm efficiently 

Generating, nurturing, and converting leads into clients is the primary goal of law firm marketing. While some large firms may have dedicated marketing staff devoted to attracting new clients to the firm, smaller firms or sole practitioners may outsource their marketing strategy or fail to adopt any strategy at all. 

Software solutions like client relationship management software, or CRM, can help firms of all sizes manage marketing without getting overwhelmed.  

CRM supports law firms by providing a central hub where firms can track leads and develop relationships with current and prospective clients. But a CRM alone isn’t enough to boost the effectiveness of marketing efforts. To make your law firm CRM maximally effective, look for an option with legal-specific marketing automation tools.  

How can legal marketing automation help law firms? 

Marketing automation helps firms convert leads into clients without extra time and effort. While CRM software gives firms important data about clients and marketing strategy effectiveness, data alone won’t convert leads to clients. Data informs the marketing strategy, and legal marketing automation helps firms find the time to implement it. 

Busy law firms can leverage marketing automation tools built into legal CRM solutions to automate repetitive marketing tasks that don’t have to be so time-consuming. These tasks include onboarding new clients or sending follow-up emails.  

Marketing automation benefits law firms in several key ways: 

  • It provides leads and clients with personalized content without the effort required to generate personalized content 
  • It helps firms react to leads immediately by labeling and tracking all new lead inquiries and automatically generating email responses 
  • It boosts the firm’s reputation as a responsive, dynamic legal partner 
  • It reduces time spent on non-billable tasks, giving attorneys more time for billable work  
  • It allows firms to deliver highly relevant content to leads by identifying which topics interest them and automatically providing them with relevant resources 
  • It tracks and records all client communication from the very first touch point 

Top legal marketing automation tools 

If your firm is searching for a legal CRM solution with marketing automation tools that will convert leads and reduce marketing efforts, there are a few key tools to keep an eye out for. 

Automated drip campaigns generate automatic, personalized marketing emails to prospective and current clients, highlighting your firm’s value. These email campaigns showcase your firm’s competency and relevancy while keeping your firm top-of-mind for leads once they’re ready to obtain legal representation. Since email drip campaigns can be personalized to each prospective client, they can be used to deliver content that highlights your firm’s expertise in their area of interest. 

Pre-recorded voice campaigns send personalized, pre-recorded voice messages to leads with the click of a button. This marketing automation tool helps streamline the follow-up process for leads who have initiated contact with your firm, ensuring all questions are answered in a timely fashion. 

Automated text marketing is an effective tool that maximizes the open rate of your firm’s marketing communications. Automatically send personalized texts, including photos and videos, to current and prospective clients from a computer. Automated text marketing becomes a particularly valuable communication method once leads convert to clients since it allows clients to submit documentation, including accident photos or photos of important documents, via text.  

Automated legal workflows guide leads from their first contact with your firm through the sales pipeline to the client intake process—automatically. Along the way, a legal CRM helps you identify the status of each lead or client to help your firm understand which marketing strategies are working and which aren’t. 

Legal marketing automation is essential for law firms looking to build their business 

There are only so many hours in a day, so don’t waste yours on repetitive, non-billable tasks. Legal marketing automation helps your firm build personal, responsive relationships with clients, all without marketing expertise or extra hours in the office. 

When you’re ready to leverage your leads to grow your business, choose a legal CRM solution equipped with easy-to-use marketing automation tools. Schedule a demo or start your free CosmoLex trial today! 

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