Law Firm Accounting Demystified – Softcover

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Law Firm Accounting Demystified – Paperback

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Law Firm Accounting Demystified is a one of a kind reference guide for legal professionals looking to manage their accounting. We have attempted to take a comprehensive look into the many subtleties and nuances of legal accounting.

This book takes legal accounting topics that would otherwise be easily misunderstood by both lawyers and accountants, and simplifies them into a common language that can be understood by anyone involved with a law firm’s accounting.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cynthia Szczepaniak

    “Law Firm Accounting Demystified” analyzes the concepts of legal accounting as a firm wide process resulting in a big picture comprehension for non-accounting individuals. This book is a must read for all firm members desiring a better understanding of the cohesive link between time and billing and the fundamental day-to-day accounting activities of a law firm. The authors cover specific accounting requirements and concerns of law firms and discuss how these burdens can be efficiently overcome with an appropriate workflow process.

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