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Custom Workflows for Law Firms

custom workflows

What is a Workflow?

Take a moment to think about the day to day activities at your law practice. Are there tasks you repeat the same way every time like checklists, deadline schedules, creating documents, and case intake? A workflow is a way of standardizing those tasks so they’re completed the same way every time — increasing productivity for your law firm and making sure no step is missed.

Why are Workflows Important?

Utilizing workflows for law firms is important because repetitive tasks can present a number of challenges:

  • Inefficiencies. Repeated activities can take up considerable time when lacking the right tools or efficient processes. Very often that time is unbillable, so you’re losing money while handling these necessary tasks.
  • Inconsistencies. Performing tasks regularly doesn’t necessarily mean they’re always performed the same way. This causes confusion within your law practice and when communicating with legal clients.
  • Missing Accountability. Without a defined workflow in place, how can you be sure tasks are completed properly on and time for your clients? With your custom workflows, you can control what gets done by who, and when.
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Legal Task Workflows in CosmoLex

Save time and never miss a to-do item or deadline again with CosmoLex’s legal task workflow tool. For everyday, repetitive processes like client intakes, filings, or legal billing, you can launch a predefined workflow in just a few clicks! These legal workflows can be created with up to 60 tasks including titles, descriptions, priority, and even due date dependencies. Simply set up the workflow template once and launch on any matter as needed. Never miss a task or deadline again!

Automate Legal Document Assembly

Find yourself wasting time drafting the same forms and agreements for every client? This is where legal document templates and data merging are a huge timesaver. CosmoLex provides all the fields you need (including custom fields) to create detailed templates that work best for your firm. Store this template library in CosmoLex to create a unified repository and added convenience for your office. From there, when a letter or document needs to be populated, just select the matter, template and voilà — you have fully completed legal documents.

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