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Law Firm Practice Management Keeps Your Matters On Track, On Time & On Budget

Every entry gets automatically filed to the correct client matter. That includes meetings, emails, transactions, documents & more. Nothing gets lost. Due dates get met. And a Secure Client Portal makes working with clients & vendors easier than ever.

Billing & Payments Modern Tools Get You Paid Faster -- for ALL the Work You Do

No more leakage thanks to mobile timers & multiple ways to capture billable time to fit any working style. The Money Finder (a CosmoLex exclusive) identifies any item without an assigned invoice. Run invoice batches with a single click. Easily create custom templates to meet any client’s needs. And when you add an embedded payment link from CosmoLex to your invoices, emails, or website -- clients pay you more quickly!

Law Office Accounting Automatically Gives You Worry-free Financials That Are Always Complete, Compliant & Current

It’s built-in, so CosmoLex Accounting automatically pulls in data from timekeeping, expense logs, bank statements & more to give you a real-time view of all your financials that’s always complete & current. And CosmoLex is fully programmed to follow legal-specific accounting regulations – automatically – to keep your compliance worries at ease. Trust accounts, online & partial payments, fee distributions (& more) are all booked properly, according to legal-industry regulations.

Built-in Payment Processing for Convenience & Compliance

CosmoLexPay is end-to-end electronic payment processing that make it easier for you to get paid! Improve your cash flow & run a better practice - with no compliance worries and no strings attached!

No monthly fee. No hidden costs. Plus, competitive processing rates mean it's economical for you to provide the great service that your clients expect!

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Legal-Specific CRM Maximizes Revenue by Increasing Customer Loyalty & Lead Conversion

CosmoLex Customer Relationship Management (CRM) massages both clients & prospects with precision marketing. This includes the sending of automatic replies via text message – a truly cutting-edge option (that you will not available in other legal CRM tools.)

Clients feel valued. Prospects appreciate your professionalism. No one feels ignored, because CosmoLex CRM keeps in touch with everyone – automatically – even when you don’t have the time.


Trust Accounting Tools Manage & Maintain Compliance–Automatically!

CosmoLex built-in accounting eliminates the tedious work & compliance worries that come with managing trust accounts. Compliance errors get picked up – and corrected -- automatically. CosmoLex “knows” where & how funds need to be posted. And how expenses must be allocated. 3-way reconciliations are a one-click process.

CosmoLex even pulls in your current bank account balances automatically. And a full set of reports gives you the paper trail you need to manage & maintain compliance.


Document Management End-to-End -- Saves Time & Enhances Security

Incredibly robust document tools let you Assemble, Store, Share and secure Signatures-- all within CosmoLex. Adjustable templates make document construction a snap – and eliminate redundant effort. No more fumbling with passwords to hop from one app to another – it’s all done inside CosmoLex. No more searching multiple storage locations – every document is always automatically filed securely with its proper client matter.

No more complicated sharing & signing procedures that frustrate clients -- it’s all done within the Secure Client Portal! Finally, you can “go paperless” – and enjoy higher profits.


Calendaring & Workflow Help You Get the Work Done On Time

CosmoLex’s all-in-one solution brings calendaring & workflow directly into case management – where it belongs. Meetings get automatically invoiced to the correct matter. Workflows are easily customized for each case.

Your Matter Dashboard shows all meetings, filing dates, and deadlines. Nothing slips through the cracks or gets lost by being posted in the wrong matter. Deliverables get delivered on time – every time.


Client Intake and Relationship Management for Cutting-Edge Marketing Campaigns

CosmoLex CRM is legal-specific CRM (Client Relationship Management) software designed to help you grow your profits by streamlining client intake, tracking prospective clients, and keeping current clients engaged and returning for services.

Stop wasting time and money on marketing efforts, let CosmoLex CRM determine your most profitable marketing campaigns, and automate your outreach. Establish customized text and email drip campaigns to stay in touch with your contacts and stay top of mind when they need your services.

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Business Accounting & Reporting Built-in & Fully Automated - to Keep You Focused on Your Bottom Line

Every time, task, billing & expense entry goes straight to the General Ledger – automatically! Over 50 included reports give you an instantaneous read on the current, real-time financials of your entire firm – or a detailed P&L for any individual matter. You always know exactly where you stand financially.

And, as an added benefit, CosmoLex Accounting is hard-wired to enforce compliance regulations – again automatically. You never need to worry about compliance violations or producing a paper trail for an audit.


Invoicing & Payment Options Give You Total Control Over Money Coming In – and Going Out

Here again, automation is the key. All time, task, payment & expense entries are automatically loaded onto each matter’s invoice. Generating invoices for a single client, or the entire practice is a “one-click” process.

Online payments are also a snap. Built-in CosmoLexPay credit-card processing handles the entire process end-to-end, making sure that all funds are posted to the correct ledger accounts -- in accordance with all the special accounting compliance requirements law firms must follow for online payments.


Timekeeping Tools Plug Leaks & Turn Minutes Into Money

Leakage of billable hours is virtually eliminated thanks to CosmoLex’s all-in-one, integrated approach. Mobile timers encourage you to capture time in the moment – wherever you are – before you forget about it! Even calendared meetings & phone calls get added to the matter’s invoice automatically.

Best of all, you’ll love the Money Finder – which tracks down any & every minute logged anywhere in the system that’s NOT already attributed to a specific client matter – flagging for your attention to ensure you get paid for all your hard work.


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