Christian Holden

CosmoLex Team

I chose CosmoLex because it provides an all-in-one suite for managing my law practice (clients & accounting/bookkeeping). Since integrating CosmoLex into our Firm, we have been able to seamlessly operate from anywhere we can connect to the internet. Because I do not have an accounting/bookkeeping background, I found it to be a little challenging to appropriately manage our books. With that said, there are many CosmoLex video learning resources available (which have been very helpful) and the CosmoLex staff is always just a phone call away. Overall, my experience with CosmoLex has been nothing short of excellent. I listen to my colleagues talk poorly about their Firm management software. I only have positive things to say about my experience with CosmoLex. I suppose CosmoLex has improved the way we run our office in ways that I am lucky enough to not be able to imagine 🙂