Timekeeper summary on invoice?

January 30, 2017 no comments

Timekeeper summary on invoice?

Craig R.

Is there a way to include a timekeeper summary at the conclusion of an invoice?  Our previous billing platform included this type of summary on every invoice, and we found it extremely helpful in showing clients how many people worked on the matter, how many hours each person billed, how much each person’s hours amounted to in terms of fees and, most importantly, how many hours were worked at no charge.

Does any know if there is a way to include this type of timekeeper summary on invoices?  If yes, how is that accomplished?  If no…feature request?



Craig R. answered
    David Seltzer

    Hi Craig and thanks for the question.  We do have a code that can be added to the invoice template that will show the summary of timekeepers.

    The code would need to be added to the HTML format in the invoice.  If you can please call support at 732-595-9015 they can assist with this code.  Thanks.

    David Seltzer answered