Need ability to generate invoice on potential client

January 30, 2017 no comments

Need ability to generate invoice on potential client

Paul Adams

Currently I can only generate and email an invoice by listing a contact as a “Client” and creating a Matter.  However, I frequently have potential clients who I send an invoice and engagement letter detailing the offer of the terms of engagement.

I don’t want to have to label them as a Client (for conflict checking reasons) and I don’t want to go through the hassle of labeling a potential matter as a matter.  Is there any way you can create a feature to work around this?  Perhaps a way to generate an invoice and then, if it is paid, create a way to pull that invoice into a later-created matter?

Judy Linville answered
    David Seltzer

    Hi Paul and thanks for the feedback.  I will add a request on your behalf to have an invoice created for non-matters.

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