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Dare to Compare – The CosmoLex Difference!

Not all software programs have kept up with the fast-paced needs of today’s law firms. Stop juggling multiple software, and learn how a fully integrated solution can simplify your entire law practice.

Watch An Overview
Does your practice management system let you answer “yes” to these ten questions?
  1. Do you log in to a single application to manage your entire practice, including billing, business accounting, and trust accounting?
  2. Does your dashboard catch and highlight unbilled items making it easy for you to take care of them?
  3. Are you as secure as possible, with two-factor authentication that sends a verification code to your smartphone so only you can log in?
  4. Do your invoices looked polished and professional, with your logo and firm branding?
  5. Can you monitor all your retainer balances in a single click to find the ones that need replenishment?
  6. Are you able to issue invoices to ALL your clients with a single click?
  7. And … can you send reminder notices to ALL overdue accounts also with a single click?
  8. Is your trust accounting always current, 100% IOLTA compliant, and audit-ready?
  9. Does your practice management system include built-in legal specific accounting — or do you need to struggle with data exports to a generic accounting package like QuickBooks?
  10. Are you able to run credit card payments automatically through your billing and bookkeeping, end-to-end?

If your current practice management system can’t answer “yes” to all of these ten questions, you’re working in quicksand compared to CosmoLex. Call us to find out how easy it is to free yourself of the quagmire of outdated practice management software … by moving your practice to CosmoLex!.

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