The Dark Side Of Attorney Time And Billing Software: Knowing When To Unplug

Technology makes us more productive. Even since the invention of the wheel and the lever our civilization has been using technology to get more work out of people. Unfortunately technology can be a two-edged sword and it’s important to ensure that the flexibility of cloud-based time and billing software and other tools doesn’t burn people out. Law Firms In The … Read More

Are Law Firms Letting Technology Pass Them By?

Computer technology simplifies the modern law practice, letting attorneys focus on the law rather than on mundane administrative details. At least that’s the case when law firms actually use the technology available. Unfortunately despite the wide availability of reliable attorney time and billing software, many practices are still stuck in the Stone Age, and it’s hurting profits. Solo Firms: I … Read More

Is Your Trust Accounting System Obsolete?

Trust management can be a headache but it doesn’t have to be. The system you use will dictate how difficult your escrow administration activities are. Outdated manual methods or generic software are only going to create problems. You are better of using legal billing and accounting software that includes trust management functions — software like CosmoLex. Manual Methods Yes it’s … Read More

Can Your Billing Software Handle Your Fee Structure?

Some law firms take only a narrow range of cases but other practices prefer the financial stability of diversification. Different cases are suited to different fee structures and it is important for law firms to choose attorney time and billing software able to handle all of the practice’s billing needs. Here are the billing models used by most lawyers. Hourly … Read More

Keeping An Eye On Your Practice’s Finances

You are an attorney not an accountant, and yet if you don’t pay attention to where the money goes then your state’s bar association may not let you be an attorney for long. Today’s law practices use attorney time and billing software to maintain a 360-degree view of the firm’s finances, maximize profits and minimize liability. Finances At A Glance … Read More

Is Cloud Attorney Practice Management Software Safe?

Probably the single most common concern new CosmoLex customers have is security. After all, the internet is a public network. How secure is it to store sensitive attorney time and billing software records out in the cloud? As it turns out, your information is almost certainly safer with us than it is in your own office. Bank-Grade Encryption – One … Read More

Advantages Of Cloud-Based Law Firm Software

CosmoLex has been developed from the ground up as a fully cloud-based legal software solution. We didn’t move into the cloud simply because it’s the popular thing to do. After examining the benefits of both desktop and cloud law practice management software we came to the conclusion that this is the future of the legal industry. Here are just a … Read More

Think Your Practice Doesn’t Need Legal Billing And Accounting Software? Think Again!

Old school lawyers may look down on the newfangled gadgets those young whippersnapper attorneys use, but they are doing themselves and their practices a disservice by ignoring technology. Not only does billing software for lawyers offer practical advantages, soon it may effectively be illegal not to use it. Competitive Benefits The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school of … Read More

Why the right billing software matters to law practices

Why the right billing software matters to law practices Your firm can choose from an array commercial billing software packages but it’s important that you choose a product that provides features needed by the legal industry. Generic business software works great…for a generic business. However law firms have specific billing conditions that only dedicated attorney time and billing software can … Read More