Using Modern Tools to Increase Your Accounting Productivity

In this post, we’re rounding out our 3-part series “Using Modern Tools to Increase Your Productivity.” For a complete overview of how modern, legal software can help you maintain a more productive law office, read our posts on legal billing and practice management. Accounting isn’t just one of the most commonly disliked parts of running a law practice – it … Read More

5 Quick Ways to Cut Cost in Your Law Firm

That the COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on the economy and impacting the legal industry is well-established by now.  Leaders are making hard financial decisions to stay in operation. These decisions are all the more challenging because no one expected to be making them three months ago. But while some considerations are painful, others represent some bigger shifts in the … Read More

Using Modern Tools To Increase Your Billing Productivity

We all want to get paid for the work we do. But working on the actual billing that means we can get paid? Not nearly as enjoyable.  Billing clients can be a time-consuming headache, especially when you’re not using modern tools. Tasks that could take only minutes take hours. And all that time is taking away from other things that … Read More

Best Practices from Firms That Are Staying Resilient

Law firms have faced some significant challenges in adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic. Financially, COVID-19 has taken its toll on firms, easily the biggest since the 2008 recession, and with many of the same unfortunate outcomes: layoffs, furloughs, compensation cuts, and deferred classes.  But even as firms see similar economic impacts, the pandemic gives law firms a whole new set … Read More

Using Modern Tools to Increase Your Practice Management Productivity

Want to know how to increase your firm’s productivity? Hint: You don’t need to work harder to make it happen.  To get even better, and more, output at your firm, the answer lies in using the right practice management tools to help with emails, calendaring, tasks, and document management. We all only have the same number of hours in a … Read More

Tech tools that go the extra mile when you’re working from home

mobile applications on phone

You’ve got your home office set up. You’re an expert at remote collaboration, online consultations, and virtual conferencing by now. You’re feeling pretty good about this whole work-from-home thing.  If this describes your feelings about remote work, you’re not alone. Surveys are showing that an increasing number of workers have warmed to the WFH life. There are a lot of … Read More

Looking Ahead: Planning on heading back to the office

As we move into the seventh week of stay-at-home orders across the country, many professionals are wondering about what comes next. While no one is forecasting the end to the pandemic quite yet, part of the national conversation has turned to our eventual return to the workplace.  Without a doubt, this topic carries uncertainty and worries for all workers. How … Read More

How to Change Your Business Development Strategy During Social Distancing

There’s a lot that’s challenging about running businesses right now. That goes for law firms, too. From bar association events to volunteer activities and networking, in-person events have given lawyers valuable leads for decades.  So what do you do when you can’t actually see people? How can you stay in front of – and top-of-mind for – referral sources and … Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips to Get Your Workflows Back on Track

Workflows keep your office organized, clients happy and everyone at your firm on the same page about what’s expected. Over time, workflows often wind up with small adjustments that people make to make them their own – which can wind up creating a ripple effect of issues. A little “spring cleaning” of your workflows and processes can reduce issues and … Read More

Quarantine Skill Building for Lawyers

You’re working from home and you’re not really sure when you’re going back to the office. We sympathize – the ambiguity is tough on both personal and professional levels.  One of the challenges of working from home is also one of its benefits – increased productivity. Studies have shown that WFH-ers work an average of 1.4 days a month more … Read More