Client Communication Tips for Lawyers

Client Communication

Good communication is so valuable, yet it’s sometimes easy to miss just how much it matters. But whether it’s with your family or your staff, clear communication helps keep relationships strong—and the same holds true for your clients. Below, we break down a few tips for stronger client communications. Reply within a day We all understand that prompt replies are … Read More

Taking on a Legal Partner or Acquiring Another Firm: What You Need to Know

Scaling up Law Firm

(Note: This post references common business practices and structures in the United States. Practices and business law may vary in your jurisdiction.) When you’re at the helm of a small law firm, you may at some point be faced with the question of whether or not you should take on a partner or acquire another firm.  Doing so may come … Read More

Building Accountability in Your Legal Team

The practice of law takes a significant amount of time, dedication, and energy. Law firms contain many moving parts, and they all need to work together seamlessly to get the job done. Accountability is the glue that holds all of these moving parts together. If this value doesn’t exist within a legal team, things have the potential to fall apart … Read More

Underbilling Legal Clients: How It Happens, Why It’s Bad, and How to Stop

Underbilling Legal Clients

For many lawyers, keeping track of time spent on clients is a major pain. Accurately tracking your hours takes time, even if it’s just a few extra minutes a day—not to mention that you might balk at the thought of using time-tracking software and prefer to estimate hours off the top of your head. However, when you do this, you’re … Read More

Back to Basics: (Part 2) Improving Your Law Firm’s Financials

This post is part two of a two-part series that focuses on getting Back to Basics in your law practice. Please read part 1 here, Fine-tuning Your Legal Practice Management. Like most businesses, the factors that contribute to a law firm’s financials run the gamut from the relatively straightforward—are you getting reimbursed for hard costs?—to the complex—what’s your five-year plan? … Read More

Back to Basics: (Part 1) Fine-Tuning Your Legal Practice Management

This post is part one of a two-part series that focuses on getting Back to Basics in your law practice. Please read part 2 here, Improving Your Law Firm’s Financials. We all want to implement quality practice management, and most lawyers know what that should look like for their firm on a strategic level. But if we dial it back … Read More

The Ethics of Outsourcing for Law Firms

Law Firm Outsourcing

The average lawyer spends only 2.5 hours a day on billable client work. So while working at or running a law firm sometimes calls on one person to wear many hats, revenue growth is limited when lawyers are already spread thin. As a method of handling this workflow and focusing more time on billable hours and client service, many lawyers … Read More

Lawyer Life: Is It Time to Rethink the Long Hours?

Long Working Hours

The legal world is infamous for its long work hours. Lawyers have a lot to accomplish in a day, and you can’t punt much of it to next week because next week will be busy, too. While there’s undoubtedly a level of pride in putting in the time to do your work well, the practice of overworking day after day … Read More

What to Do When Your Law Firm’s Client Won’t Pay

Client Non Payment

Following up on collections with clients is unpleasant and stressful for all involved. When things come to this point, there are often a series of individual decisions to be made about how to deal with a particular client and situation. But even if you choose to pursue payment, you likely won’t receive all, or even a substantial percentage, of what … Read More

How (and Why) to Avoid Write-Offs in Your Law Office

How much of your work are you writing off? The average law office writes off about 14% of their bills annually, with discounts increasing each year. If your office gives an average amount of write-offs, and you calculate your bills for a 30% profit margin, then those write-offs eliminate almost half your profits. Ouch! Why write-offs happen To reign in … Read More