How to Keep Up as We All Go Back

Post Pandemic Office

As more people get vaccinated, and the possibilities for in-person work open up again, there’s a lot of speculation around what things will look like in the new, new normal. We’re all looking forward to enjoying certain components of post-pandemic life again, but we know things won’t truly go back to how they were. People’s lives have changed too much … Read More

Should You Be Texting Your Legal Clients?

Texting Your Legal Clients

As digital technologies continue to evolve, methods of communication that were once considered casual and non-professional have become more mainstream—and part of everyday life. While many lawyers considered texting with clients to seem too informal in the past, it’s now an increasingly accepted form of communication at law firms. So, why should you text? And what are the risks and … Read More

How CosmoLex Keeps You Organized

Keeping Law Firm Organized

Running a law firm involves many moving parts—and organization is key to keeping everything flowing. Dropping even a single task can hold up a whole matter. If you’re working on cases, you don’t have time to oversee all those moving parts. But with the help of a modern practice management system, you can keep your firm’s matters—and your financials—running smoothly. … Read More

Productivity Round-Up 2021: Apps and Hacks for Lawyers

Legal Apps and Hacks 2021

As we head further into 2021, we’re all excited about things (slowly) opening back up again. The promise of a new, new normal comes with a massive sigh of relief—and a whole lot of distractions when it’s time to get work done when working from home. Last year, a lot of focus went into the essential tools that make remote … Read More

Cleaning Up Your Law Firm’s Communications

When it comes to working with clients, the outcome of any legal services a law firm provides is only part of the relationship. Clients also care deeply about communication—even those who may not be communication-oriented in other aspects of their lives. So it’s a good idea for law firms to occasionally take stock of their communications practices and see if … Read More

4 Law Firm Strategies to Continue Increasing Profit in 2021

As we move into the second quarter of 2021, take a moment to consider where your firm is at. What goals have been set, and how are you working to meet them? Which additional strategies might help bring you closer to those objectives? If you’re not employing them already, these four strategies can help your firm increase profit—and set you … Read More

Make More Money with Your Legal Tech: How CosmoLex Can Improve Your Legal Billing

Improve Legal Billing

Your billing and accounting software shouldn’t feel like just another item to budget for. Instead, it should be a tool to help you actively make more money—through better billing processes and time saved. Below, we break down steps for law firms seeking to improve their billing processes. Improve timekeeping If you don’t track billable time, you don’t get paid for … Read More

Highlighting Women in Legal Tech

Women in Legal Tech

As we wrap up Women’s History Month, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the diverse thinking and solution-oriented contributions made by women legal tech. CosmoLex recognizes that having a more representative team leads to better business decisions, and women often excel in leadership roles—including with competency, a willingness to continue learning, and a more positive relationship with managers. … Read More

These 5 Legal Practice Areas are Growing in 2021

Legal Practice Areas

2020 was the year no one saw coming—and its effects aren’t going to fade any time soon. After all, as we move into 2021, societal and market changes brought on by Covid-19 continue to impact everyone. But how have these shifts spurred practice area growth? Data privacy and cybersecurity As much of the working world moved online, cybersecurity attacks skyrocketed. … Read More

Trend Watch: Legal Tech in 2021

Legal Tech in 2021

After a year of remote working, experience from 2020 will play a significant role in determining legal trends in 2021. Don’t get us wrong—we expect a celebration of in-person events when things reopen. But 2020 has altered expectations and shown us all the competitive advantage of having our tech dialed. So, what to look for in 2021? Clients embracing remote … Read More