Ask an Expert: Security Basics for Law Firms

Security is critical for law firms, especially with so many people working remotely these days. While the where of work may be changing, the need to be clear on security procedures and tools hasn’t changed. We spoke with Henry Dicker, Senior VP of Client Engagement at Lowers Forensic International. Serving for more than 20 years as ALM’s Vice-President of Global … Read More

Cloud Computing Ethics for Lawyers

At some point in the early to mid-2010s, jokes about “the cloud” were common. What’s “the cloud” mean? Where is it? Does anyone even know? These days, most of us are pretty familiar with what cloud computing is and all the benefits that it offers. What’s less clear, though, is the ethical pitfalls that it poses. Yes, cloud computing is … Read More

Top 5 Security Vulnerabilities Your Law Firm Should Know About

Law firms deal with sensitive information day in and out. Keeping this data confidential, especially anything related to a case, means you have to worry about more than what you’re doing – you also need to think about what you’re not doing. Ignoring potential security vulnerabilities could leave your firm, its data and its reputation exposed to risk.  There are … Read More

How to Fight Fraud in Your Law Firm

When you think about fraud and law firms, it’s easy to focus your attention on the work lawyers do to prosecute fraud cases.  But just because law firms are usually on the prosecuting side of the bench doesn’t mean that they aren’t susceptible to fraud. In fact, law firms make appealing targets for fraudsters, given the wealth of personal information … Read More

Strategies for Building a More Diverse and Inclusive Law Firm

Although events are still playing out nationally through protests and political engagement, what’s clear to many law firms is the need to proactively implement change. Businesses, institutions, and organizations have thrown their weight behind discussions of how they can contribute to dismantling systemic racism in our country.  The legal field remains among the least inclusive industries. There’s much that law … Read More

How To Stay Motivated in Your Practice

The last couple of months have been a long haul for everyone. The shift from the office then back (maybe) to the office. Homeschooling with no childcare. Long days at home. Being isolated but at the same time, totally connected via social media and messaging apps.  It’s no wonder that you’re feeling fatigued and maybe a bit unmotivated. Yet even … Read More

Reopening: What Your Firm Should Have in Place

Following several months of stay-at-home orders, law firms in many areas are being allowed to reopen their physical offices to staff and clients. But what does that actually mean for operations?  Each bar association and law society will have its own criteria or guidelines for law firms considering reopening. It’s advisable that practice managers and partners deeply think about the … Read More

How to Improve Your Law Firm’s Financial Security Today

Financial security isn’t just for your personal life – law firms should seek to have the same peace of mind that comes with the right long-term financial planning. Not only is it less stressful, but it also leads to sustained success when you’ve made sure the right processes are in place. In the busy world of running a practice though, … Read More

Great Marketing Only Works If You Have Great Intake

Who doesn’t love it when new clients come in the door? It’s great to have business and a sign of effective marketing. But no matter how many leads come in the door, if you don’t have a solid intake plan in place they won’t convert. Or, even worse, they do convert but end up unsatisfied because of a poor attorney-client … Read More

Mediation, Depositions, and Court Appearances: Making an Impact Virtually

The recent extensive need for virtual mediation, depositions, and court appearances forced the entire legal industry to evaluate how to best replicate legal processes in a virtual environment.  There has been a learning curve for everyone. While courts have dabbled in remote procedures for several decades, best practices aren’t well established. Despite the difficulties, though, there are several things that … Read More