Online Payment Dos and Don’ts for Law Firms

Online Payment Dos and Don'ts

Providing online payment options opens up a world of opportunity to law firms seeking to streamline and improve their legal billing processes. But accepting credit cards can also put lawyers at risk of compliance violations—particularly if you don’t use a payment processor that has key safeguards in place. Do accept credit cards Clients are used to paying for almost everything … Read More

Is it Okay for Lawyers to Pay Referral Fees?

Lawyers Pay Referral Fees

Referrals—they’re an essential part of your networking and marketing strategy.   The referrals that come your way from current and former clients, other lawyers, and your contacts across different industries have a significant impact on your business, both in the short- and long term. A study conducted at the Wharton School and Goethe University found that referred clients “generate higher profit … Read More

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Law Firm’s Marketing

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Law Firm’s Marketing

Recently, our Marketing Director Branden Wawrzyniak co-hosted an online webinar with Law Ruler’s Matthew Defrain. The goal? To demystify legal marketing and help you grow your practice with simple, actionable tips that you can start implementing now. Before you get started: finding the right CRM If your practice hasn’t implemented a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software yet, now could be … Read More

A Detailed Look at CosmoLexPay

A Detailed Look at CosmoLexPay

Running a law firm can sometimes mean having a longer to-do list than you have time. One of the best ways to clear some space in your schedule is by leveraging available technologies. For example, more and more firms are discovering the benefits of using a practice management system. But one area that sometimes gets overlooked—despite offering a number of … Read More

Scaling Your Solo Law Firm

Scaling Your Solo Law Firm

For solo lawyers, scaling a law practice can give you greater autonomy over the work you do, greater sense of purpose and satisfaction from your work, and, when done right, greater profitability. But being a solo also means that all the work that comes with growth rests squarely on your shoulders. Thankfully, thorough planning, strategic automations, and well-implemented technology can … Read More

The Impact of NFTs and Crypto on Law Firms

NFTs and Crypto

Stories about cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are popping up left and right in the news. From the purchase of a piece of digital art through Christie’s Auction House for $69.3 million to the push to pay taxes with crypto, digital currency is everywhere—and creating new opportunities for law firms. Understanding NFTs and cryptocurrency Before we jump in, it can … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Law Firms in 2022

New Years Resolutions

As we finish January and head full-on into 2022, we hope you realize that it’s not too late to make your New Year’s Resolutions for your law office. Now is the perfect time to evaluate your law firm’s current way of doing things, make improvements, and adopt new habits and processes to make this year the best one yet. Whether … Read More

Remote Working Lessons: What Lawyers Learned in 2021

When the pandemic first hit, the professional world shifted to remote working in an instant, but many people viewed the transition as temporary. Two years later, it’s clear that working from home is here to stay. The more time we’ve spent working remotely, the more we’ve learned—and like everything else in life, our process continues to evolve. Below, we delve … Read More