Five Steps to a More Productive Law Office

Ever ask yourself how you could possibly fit anything else into your day? We’ve all been there. The good news is that to be more productive and get more done, you don’t actually need more hours in the day.  You just need to be more productive.  We’ve broken down how you can turn your law office into a productive, efficient … Read More

Recession-proofing Your Legal Practice

This has been a year of changes and unexpected turns, resulting in a financial crisis for a huge percentage of businesses in America. The restaurant and hospitality industry are both operating at an all-time low, where others, like the construction and real estate market, are thriving.  As a lawyer, you’re at an advantage. Even in the midst of shut-downs and … Read More

Feature Spotlight: View Invoice Notification

Client invoices play a critical role in a law firm’s cashflow. The longer it takes to deliver an invoice to a client, the longer it takes to get paid – it’s that simple. To ensure fast and easy invoice delivery, many firms rely on our electronic options such as email or sharing via the client portal. These delivery options also … Read More

Vendor Compliance and Your Law Firm

What kind of relationship do you have with your vendors? Have you peeked behind the curtains to see how they’re running their show? Or do you hold your breath and simply hope that they’ll keep all the balls in the air (including the ones that belong to your law firm)? If you’re not taking an active role in vetting and … Read More

Productivity Metrics Your Firm Should Be Tracking

A universal truth: the to-do list at any law firm is always a thousand miles long. If your doors have been open for a year or more, it’s like it’s two thousand miles long. But how efficiently you and your team are getting through that list? That’s the difference between a successful firm and one that does alright.  You want … Read More

Mindfulness and the Legal Industry

Mindfulness is a term that’s increasingly used as a catch-all phrase in the wellness industry for…something or other, right? Mindfulness, while often used interchangeably with meditation, is actually its own practice. You can certainly have “mindfulness meditation,” but you can practice mindfulness on its own.  Mindfulness, when broken down to its most basic meaning, means to simply be present and … Read More

What Do I Need to Know About Automating My Law Firm?

Automating processes sounds great, in general. We set out coffee to brew the night before, we program our Roomba to run at 10 am to clean the floors and entertain the cat, and we set up automatic payments and withdrawals with our bank.  But what does automation look like at a law firm? In an industry that is all about … Read More

Legal Billing and Accounting: Ways Your Firm Can Fail

Lawyers have a very specialized set of skills and training. Their clients trust them with some of their most sensitive information. Accordingly, there is a higher degree of consideration placed on payment as a part of the lawyer-client relationships.   When most people think about violating ethical standards, their first thoughts turn to the more well-known issues: embezzlement, misrepresentation, undisclosed conflict … Read More

Improving Your Law Office’s Cash Flow

Money talks in more ways than one. In the COVID-19 era, your firm needs a cash flow that is consistent and easy to manage. Modern online payment options let you handle billing and accept payments from clients without the hassle.  What does it mean for your firm, though? Here are a few things to consider. The Importance of Billing & … Read More

Lawyers and Law Firms to Follow on Social Media

Lawyers and law firms get a bad rap for a lot of things. Being behind the curve on social media is one of them.  To be fair, it can be hard to reconcile the trendy, here-one-minute-gone-the-next viral social world with the more methodical, buttoned-up world of law. Compliance is an issue. Client privilege is paramount. Reputation means everything.  But just … Read More