Giving Thanks: What Lawyers Are Thankful For

As the days get shorter and colder and the year winds to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on what’s unfolded in the past twelve months—and preparing for the holidays ahead. In the midst of it all, we also find time to give thanks.  While we may be grateful for time with family, new relationships, a meal with friends, or … Read More

Setting Up Your Law Firm’s Budget: The Business Approach

No matter what size your law firm is, a budget is essential to keeping your business running. It’s the key to prioritizing the most important aspects of your firm. Yet even the most experienced lawyer can feel overwhelmed when building their budget. Where do you start? What should you include? How much percentage should be allocated? There’s a lot of … Read More

The Lawyer’s Guide to Going on Vacation

Lawyers carry a lot of responsibility, which can make it feel like there’s no good time to take a break from work. But just as you don’t want your doctor to be frazzled and overextended, your clients don’t want their legal representation to keep piling on the stress, either. Vacations provide much-needed recharge time. The key to making them actually … Read More

CosmoLex Embraces State-of-the-Art Security Standards with SOC 2 Attestation

We’re proud to announce that CosmoLex has completed SOC 2 Type 1 attestation! These heightened security standards will better serve our clients and the people they work with—and we are excited to share more about the process and what it means for you. What is SOC 2? Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 is an auditing process that helps cloud companies … Read More

Modern Tips for Running a Successful Law Practice

Running a law firm

For many lawyers, the sometimes vexing side of running a law office is not the legal work for clients—it’s running a business. And as the past couple of years have seen a sharp swerve toward more remote working, modern tools and tech have become even more essential for success. Below, as part of a special project in collaboration with Nish … Read More

Client Communication Tips for Lawyers

Client Communication

Good communication is so valuable, yet it’s sometimes easy to miss just how much it matters. But whether it’s with your family or your staff, clear communication helps keep relationships strong—and the same holds true for your clients. Below, we break down a few tips for stronger client communications. Reply within a day We all understand that prompt replies are … Read More

Taking on a Legal Partner or Acquiring Another Firm: What You Need to Know

Scaling up Law Firm

(Note: This post references common business practices and structures in the United States. Practices and business law may vary in your jurisdiction.) When you’re at the helm of a small law firm, you may at some point be faced with the question of whether or not you should take on a partner or acquire another firm.  Doing so may come … Read More