Introducing the CosmoLex Ask an Expert Webinar Series


Originally posted 20 February 2019.  Today, we’re introducing our CosmoLex ‘Ask an Expert’ webinar series. These AMA-style (Ask Me Anything) webinars aim to make industry experts available to legal professionals, giving you the chance to get your most pressing questions answered.  Each webinar will take place over a 45-minute session and we’ll be covering popular topics like marketing, digital security, … Read More

3 Critical Mistakes Lawyers Make When Upgrading LPM Software

Upgrading your legal practice management (LPM) software can increase your efficiency and productivity by centralizing your billing, case management and time tracking in one location while automating tasks. When deciding to make the switch to a new program, it’s critical to be aware of the common mistakes many lawyers make during the process. Avoiding those pitfalls along with careful planning … Read More

Tech Tip #233: Track Usage of Resources & Revenue to Determine Firm Growth Strategy

To truly determine profit and develop a growth strategy, law firms should evaluate their use of resources and find out which practice areas, attorneys and activities are bringing in the most revenue. If resource use is high, the firm should look at improving workflows while high revenue intake could signal a key area for expansion. Tracking these metrics is critical … Read More

5 Tips to Help Lawyers Control Profits While Remaining Compliant

Profitability and compliance are two critical components for the success of any law firm. You may think they’re often unrelated but these items are actually closely connected. Making simple changes to various aspects of your practice management can increase both your profitability and compliance standards at the same time — making sure you’re not only bringing in more money but … Read More

Tech Tip #223: Still Using Desktop Software?


Many firms are using outdated tools that may not be cloud-based and don’t communicate with each other, hindering the productivity of their staff. Utilizing modern technology not only simplifies processes, but also increases your firm’s accuracy and compliance. If you’re trying to remain competitive, don’t rely on desktop software; find out how moving to the cloud will put your firm … Read More

CosmoLex: The #1 Alternative to Desktop Software


When you consider your law firm’s current needs, our guess is that they fall within the following categories: Billing General Accounting Trust Accounting Calendar & Events Documents & Emails The experts at CosmoLex have spent many years working with countless solo and small practice lawyers, and have come to identify these areas as the Five Pillars of Legal Practice Management … Read More

Tech Tip #207: Avoiding Disputes With Your Clients


No attorney wants to find themselves involved in disputes with clients, but unfortunately, it’s part of doing business. That’s not to say that disputes can’t be minimized. By employing the appropriate solutions at your law firm you can avoid fee disputes by spring up your billing process keeping effective lines of communication open with your clients. Learn more about the five … Read More

Streamlining Your Law Practice in 2018 with CosmoLex

Streamlined Law Practice Management

As you are likely already aware, tax legislation has been a hot topic in the news recently, and the bill appears set to be signed, sealed, and delivered by year’s end. A tax overhaul like this one will surely take some time to sort out (even for accountants), and because of the new rules and regulations involved, it means added … Read More

Making Technology Work for Your Firm in 2018

Law Firm Technology 2018

Back in 2014, we published a post titled, “Are Law Firms Letting Technology Pass Them By?” Over three years later, a lot has changed when it comes to the software and services out there, but the question remains: Is your law firm taking advantage of the right technology to make business run as smooth as possible? By now, we all … Read More