Benefits of Integrating CosmoLex and Zapier

Benefits of Integrating CosmoLex and Zapier

Workflow automations help lawyers run their law offices more smoothly by saving time and reducing stress and frustration. They can streamline operational tasks, client and team member onboarding, or marketing—and reduce the risk of user error with data entry.  Helping lawyers stay organized is part of what we do at CosmoLex. To support law firms in managing all their moving … Read More

How an Amazing Client Experience Translates to Loyalty

Amazing Client Experience Loyalty

When lawyers think about a client’s experience with their firm, they often think about direct interactions with clients. But the truth is that these interactions more accurately reflect the lawyer’s experience than their clients’. Many components make up the client’s experience—from the first forms they fill out to how long it takes for someone to respond to their phone call … Read More

Client Communication Tips for Lawyers

Client Communication

Good communication is so valuable, yet it’s sometimes easy to miss just how much it matters. But whether it’s with your family or your staff, clear communication helps keep relationships strong—and the same holds true for your clients. Below, we break down a few tips for stronger client communications. Reply within a day We all understand that prompt replies are … Read More

Back to Basics: (Part 1) Fine-Tuning Your Legal Practice Management

This post is part one of a two-part series that focuses on getting Back to Basics in your law practice. Please read part 2 here, Improving Your Law Firm’s Financials. We all want to implement quality practice management, and most lawyers know what that should look like for their firm on a strategic level. But if we dial it back … Read More

Should You Be Texting Your Legal Clients?

Texting Your Legal Clients

As digital technologies continue to evolve, methods of communication that were once considered casual and non-professional have become more mainstream—and part of everyday life. While many lawyers considered texting with clients to seem too informal in the past, it’s now an increasingly accepted form of communication at law firms. So, why should you text? And what are the risks and … Read More

How CosmoLex Keeps You Organized

Keeping Law Firm Organized

Running a law firm involves many moving parts—and organization is key to keeping everything flowing. Dropping even a single task can hold up a whole matter. If you’re working on cases, you don’t have time to oversee all those moving parts. But with the help of a modern practice management system, you can keep your firm’s matters—and your financials—running smoothly. … Read More

Cleaning Up Your Law Firm’s Communications

When it comes to working with clients, the outcome of any legal services a law firm provides is only part of the relationship. Clients also care deeply about communication—even those who may not be communication-oriented in other aspects of their lives. So it’s a good idea for law firms to occasionally take stock of their communications practices and see if … Read More

Alternative Free Legal Research Tools

Legal research has gotten easier than ever thanks to the proliferation of online, access-anywhere-anytime databases. However, many law firms find that the price of utilizing multiple, full-featured legal research tools can quickly add up. For those offices looking for a less expensive option, you’re in luck. While there are definitely some great, high-powered tools out there to fuel your legal … Read More

Mediation, Depositions, and Court Appearances: Making an Impact Virtually

The recent extensive need for virtual mediation, depositions, and court appearances forced the entire legal industry to evaluate how to best replicate legal processes in a virtual environment.  There has been a learning curve for everyone. While courts have dabbled in remote procedures for several decades, best practices aren’t well established. Despite the difficulties, though, there are several things that … Read More

Using Modern Tools to Increase Your Practice Management Productivity

Want to know how to increase your firm’s productivity? Hint: You don’t need to work harder to make it happen.  To get even better, and more, output at your firm, the answer lies in using the right practice management tools to help with emails, calendaring, tasks, and document management. We all only have the same number of hours in a … Read More