Alternative Free Legal Research Tools

Legal research has gotten easier than ever thanks to the proliferation of online, access-anywhere-anytime databases. However, many law firms find that the price of utilizing multiple, full-featured legal research tools can quickly add up. For those offices looking for a less expensive option, you’re in luck. While there are definitely some great, high-powered tools out there to fuel your legal … Read More

Mediation, Depositions, and Court Appearances: Making an Impact Virtually

The recent extensive need for virtual mediation, depositions, and court appearances forced the entire legal industry to evaluate how to best replicate legal processes in a virtual environment.  There has been a learning curve for everyone. While courts have dabbled in remote procedures for several decades, best practices aren’t well established. Despite the difficulties, though, there are several things that … Read More

Using Modern Tools to Increase Your Practice Management Productivity

Want to know how to increase your firm’s productivity? Hint: You don’t need to work harder to make it happen.  To get even better, and more, output at your firm, the answer lies in using the right practice management tools to help with emails, calendaring, tasks, and document management. We all only have the same number of hours in a … Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips to Get Your Workflows Back on Track

Workflows keep your office organized, clients happy and everyone at your firm on the same page about what’s expected. Over time, workflows often wind up with small adjustments that people make to make them their own – which can wind up creating a ripple effect of issues. A little “spring cleaning” of your workflows and processes can reduce issues and … Read More

Four Ways to Build Your Book of Business

You’re fresh out of law school and you’ve landed your first job as a lawyer. Or, you’re a lifelong lawyer who has experienced decades of changes. No matter what stage of your career you’re in, growing your book of business can be a lot of work, but you don’t need to overcomplicate it.  Here are four things that can help … Read More

Preparing for 2020 Success: Setting Your Law Firm’s Goals

It’s the end of the year and if you’re sitting there thinking “wow, there’s so much more I wanted to accomplish,” you’re not alone. The end of the year comes up fast! The key to making sure you cross off the items that are going to set you on the path to success in 2020 is by spelling out goals.  … Read More

Feature Spotlight: Document Attachment

Often the various activities you do for your clients have related documentation, like receipts, bills, or summaries. While you can store these documents along with other documentation either on your server or in the cloud, there is often no one-to-one relationship between that document and the item which it supports. This makes for a disorganized client file and audit trail. … Read More

Top 10 Profitability Metrics for Law Firms

Running a profitable law firm requires being able to make strategic business decisions that set your practice on a trajectory to success. Making these decisions should never be based on your gut feelings. Instead, you need clear data to help guide your choices, but knowing what numbers are needed and how to analyze them can be overwhelming when your focus … Read More

30 Tools for More Money, Time, and Happiness

Professional burnout can be difficult to overcome. It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve all felt the desire to have more money, time, and happiness in our lives, both personally and professionally. Fortunately, we live in the digital age where the is an app or tool that can help you with pretty much any and everything. Below is a list … Read More